What does it mean to dream about stealing

What does it mean to dream of stealing? Stealing is illegally depriving someone of something. Most of the time we understand that it is about material things, although it can also be about something non-material. We usually use the term “steal” colloquially, so in dreams a very broad interpretation of dreaming of stealing can be given.

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  • 1 General interpretation of dreaming of stealing
  • 2 Psychological interpretation of dreaming of stealing
  • 3 Spiritual interpretation of dreaming of stealing


The meaning of dreaming of stealing is interpreted as the dreamer’s unauthorized possession of something during the dream, whether they are material things such as possessions or money, or as some kind of offer or love. The act of stealing during the dream reveals the desire of the dreamer for something that he cannot easily achieve.

What does it mean to dream of stealing? When in the dream we are robbed of ourselves, what is interpreted is that we feel betrayed or deceived in the real world. If during the dream we identify the thief as a friend or acquaintance, we must ask ourselves to what extent we can or should trust that person.

On the other hand, if in the dream the person who is robbed is an unknown person, the interpretation given in this case would be a lack of trust in some part of our own personality.

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If when we dream of stealing we see ourselves belonging to a gang that is dedicated to stealing from other people, we must immediately question the moral concepts of our environment. Most likely, we have some kind of emotional abyss. When in the dream we see ourselves stealing from other people, what it can symbolize are great financial setbacks that may be due to a bad investment.

It can also happen that in the dream we accuse another person of stealing. This is generally interpreted as some kind of unwise behavior in real life. This behavior often refers to our own partner. On the other hand, if during the dream we are the ones accused of committing some kind of theft, the interpretation is that misunderstandings may arise in the family environment, which we can use to our benefit.


What does it mean to dream of stealing? The psychological interpretation of dreaming of stealing is indicative of too much stress in the dreamer’s life. It indicates that we should be more careful and not demand too much of ourselves. Following this interpretation, we must pause in our life and even ask for help, we must calm down and delegate tasks if necessary.

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