What does it mean to dream about stepping on broken glass

What does it mean to dream of stepping on broken glass

Dreaming of stepping on broken glass shows your pain that you have experienced throughout your life. Above all, the frustrations you have had with the most important people at each stage. This does not leave you calm and there are several reasons why you still have this feeling.

You feel many wounds due to disappointments between people. It is a dream that has a lot to do with the global meaning of dreaming about glasses , which shows the problems with the closest people. And if you dream that you step on the glass, it shows that friendship or family problems have affected your personality that you have today.

Above all, you feel that you cannot control your life because the fears of the past invade you. Dreaming that window glass breaks has a very similar meaning and may have a lot to do with the context of your dream.

But in this case it focuses more on the problems between your friends or family. Not being able to control your life comes from the fear of being alone and you prefer to listen to what they tell you. So perhaps you are a submissive person and do not express much what you really think.

However, all this is just an idea that is born in your mind and has been developed by inevitable events in life.

First you can’t let resentment and fear affect your future. Although at some point you were the victim of a deception or betrayal, that does not mean that you have to remain so throughout your life. You can stop being a victim and look towards your future.

In addition, there are good people who do not see an interest in you or want to harm you. You will be able to find the right people, but first you must get rid of the idea and the fear of facing life situations.

I will leave you different situations of dreaming of walking on broken glass. These can help you get a better answer about this dream.

Dream of stepping on broken glass barefoot

This shows that the problems between people that you had in the past were due to the things they said to you. You have a phobia of being yourself because you care too much about the criticism of others about each decision or what you say.

You should not think this way for the simple reason that others will not be constantly looking at what you say or do. Also, if you live for a long time you will find that the negative things that others say are forgotten. If not, remember when you made fun of someone or saw someone embarrassed. In reality, very few remember every situation of outsiders.

Dream that I step on the glass with shoes or slippers

This dream shows that problems are exhausting your patience. You need to relax and be able to take a breath because if you don’t, you will end up complicating the relationships you have.

This announces that you can be aggressive and you should be very careful not to be impulsive. Be very careful with the stress you feel today that in the future it will be much worse. It is advisable to tell someone about your problems.

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