Dreaming of stones, on the one hand the stone represents strength, resistance, perseverance or solidity.

However, the stone can also be interpreted as an obstacle to be overcome or a problem to be faced. Therefore, dreams with stones can have different ways of being interpreted that will depend on the rest of the elements that appear in the dream and also on the situation in which you find yourself in the dream itself.

dream of big stones

The size of the stone is proportional to the importance of the problem or the obstacle you are going through.

If you dream of very large stones that block your way , it means that you are facing a major problem, that you must arm yourself with courage and patience to overcome or solve it.

If you dream that you find yourself or walk on a very large stone , it means that you feel very safe or secure in what you are doing, that you are stepping on solid ground or that you are reaching deep stability in your life or in a part of it.

Dream of small stones

If you dream of small stones it means that your problems are easy to overcome or solve, that to a great extent it depends on you to be able to carry it out, but that due to some circumstance, fear, blockage or laziness you have not done it yet.

Dream of stones on your way

Dreaming of stones in your way symbolizes the obstacles that are in it, the problems that you must face or the difficult circumstances that you must assume, as well as the changes, the novelties or the unforeseen turns of events.

If you dream that you walk on stones , it means that you are willing or willing to accept what comes with strength, optimism and courage, which will allow you to overcome it and move forward.

Dream with stones in the mouth

Dreaming that you have stones in your mouth symbolizes the pressure, the burden or even the stress caused by a certain personal, professional, sentimental, family or any other situation.

If in the dream you manage to get the stones out of your mouth, it means that you will be able to free yourself from that pressure, either because you solve that situation or you manage to overcome it.

If you dream that you drown or swallow stones, it means that you will be dragged or dragged by the turbulence of that problem or conflict.

Dream of precious stones

Each precious stone has a meaning that we will analyze in another post, but we are going to summarize the meaning of the most common dreams with precious stones.

Dreaming of jade stone symbolizes communication with other people and encounters.

Dreaming of an onyx stone is related to unforeseen events, changes and transformation.

Dreaming of a lapis lazuli stone symbolizes movements, displacements and emotional well-being.

Dreaming of a quartz stone warns about the possible toxic people around you or about the negative energies that influence you.

Dreaming of a diamond symbol of happiness, abundance and success.

Dreaming of an opal stone portends misfortune, problems or unexpected conflicts.

Dreaming of an emerald represents cunning, intelligence, love, social or family success.

Dreaming of a ruby symbolizes passion, desire and forbidden relationships.

Dreaming of a topaz represents your victory over others, the victory of good over evil.

dream of throwing stones

If you dream that you throw stones, it means that you are carrying out tasks or projects that will not come to fruition, that will not succeed, either because of the method, the strategy, the situation that surrounds you or the circumstances that are going to occur. .

If you dream that you throw stones into the sea , it means that you are committed to something impossible, something that is not in your way and that will not bring you anything good.

If you dream that you throw stones at a house or building , you should pay attention to whether it is your own house, the house of someone you know or a significant building, since in this case the meaning is associated with the harm that you could cause to other people with your attitude. , decisions or actions.

If you dream that you throw or throw stones at someone , it means that your relationship with that person is damaged and will probably end badly.

Dreaming that stones are thrown at you if you dream that someone throws stones at you means that you are going to see yourself subjected or subjected to harsh criticism, accusations, reproaches and you could even have legal problems with someone.

Dreaming that stones fall from the sky if you dream that stones or a stone fall from the sky means that unexpected events will occur that could alter your plans, projects or efforts, which will force you to adapt to the new situation and resolve it as quickly as possible and cunning.

Dream that you are sitting on a stone

Dreaming that you are sitting, leaning or leaning on a stone means that you will have sufficient capacity to achieve what you want or propose, since you will be persevering in your plans, you will have stability around you and the necessary support.

Dream that you break a stone

If you dream that you break or cut a stone and you do it with your own hands , it means that you are going to work hard on the project, idea or need that you have, that with your effort you are going to achieve a great achievement.

If you dream that you break or cut the stone with some tool or utensil , it means that you will need extra and necessary help to get it, but that you will find it.

Dream that you carry stones

To dream that you carry stones, whether in a bag, in a backpack, in a car… but that you walk without a fixed direction where to deposit them means that you are carrying a great weight on your shoulders, either because of the responsibility you assume or because of the problems you accumulate.

If you dream that you carry stones that you take somewhere to drop them, build something or give them to someone, it means that you are participating in the foundation of something very important and beneficial for you.

dream of colored stones

The color of the stones, the hue will make the meaning even more decisive, for example:

Dreaming of red stones will focus the meaning of the dream on love or affective relationships, as well as intimate relationships.

Dreaming of blue stones reflects spirituality, insecurity and doubts.

Dreaming of green stones is related to the material, with work and finances.

Dreaming of yellow or orange stones symbolizes inner strength, the ability to fight for a goal.

Dreaming of black stones represents rebirth, starting over.

Dreaming of white stones is a symbol of peace, well-being and happiness

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