What does it mean to dream about strawberries? 10 dream interpretations

The dreams in which fruits appear we usually relate them to cravings of everyday life, they are succulent and of a bright color. When we think of them, we generally refer to exquisite desserts, juices and smoothies with which we accompany meals. It is usually a very pleasant dream, especially if we are tasting them with our eyes closed at that moment. But what does it really mean to dream of strawberries ?

The universe of dreams is a mystery that few of us can solve, the subconscious spends its time sending symbolic messages to give clues about aspects of our lives that we have left aside or about some opportunity that we must take advantage of promptly.

Dreaming of strawberries generally means momentary happiness, it can also mean that the dreamer is a person with a great ability to adapt to adversity and overcome it.

The meaning can also be attributed to the vices that the person has hidden, even knowing that they are harmful to their physical and mental health. You must bear in mind that the subconscious does not like to keep things quiet, it gives you alarm signals so that you are aware of everything that is happening in your environment.

  • If during the dream we are crushing strawberries, this portends that we are going to defeat our enemies in less time than expected.
  • If we dream that strawberries are snatched from our hands, our subconscious is telling us that we are jealous of something specific.
  • When we dream that we are seeing strawberries everywhere, it means that we require loving stability in our lives.
  • If a man dreams that a woman is biting a strawberry, he is clearly representing a seduction, it means that he loves someone and does not know how to conquer her. The same happens in the event that a female person dreams that it is a man who performs this gesture.
  • If a woman dreams that she sees many strawberries together, it indicates that she is hiding passionate desires for someone.

What does it mean to dream of strawberries? 10 dream interpretations

dream of strawberries

Strawberries in dreams can lead to different interpretations, depending on how you saw them at the time, whether they were fresh strawberries, whether they were in the original color or in other different shades, whether they were many or few, large or small, among other situations that could have arisen in your environment.

You do not have to stay with the doubt! Here we present a list where we explain in detail several more specific interpretations about dreaming of strawberries, for which you must remember exactly the exact environment of the dream:

1-Dream of large strawberries

Large strawberries in a dream are a good omen, as they herald full happiness and good luck. If you had the good fortune to see this fruit in a dream, rejoice! Because many favorable changes are coming your way.

If you dreamed of big strawberries and you still haven’t found true love, your time has come; you will find her soulmate and form a beautiful family with him or her. In addition to this, they will receive many gifts, they will have enviable luck and a happy life.

2- Dreaming of colored strawberries

Dreaming of strawberries of different colors, whether blue, black, purple, among others. it means that around us there are cunning people; They have a lot of persuasive power and the ability to easily wrap up those who are related to them. We must be careful not to get caught up in their traps since they are only looking for their own benefit.

Dreaming of strawberries of any other color than the traditional “red color”, also means that there are many aspects that are changing course in relation to your personality, you should take a moment to analyze the pros and cons of this situation, to know how to handle it better and take the right direction.

3-Dreaming that they give me strawberries

If we dream that someone gives us one or more strawberries ; This foreshadows that we are going to find a new love, with whom we are going to live a relationship full of fervor and very passionate situations.

4-Dreaming of chopping strawberries

If in our dream we are biting strawberries , this portends illnesses to ourselves or those closest to us, which could be characterized by serious states in those affected and even death.

5-Dream of seeing a strawberry

Seeing a strawberry in a dream reflects the eroticism of the person who dreams it and in turn brings out countless unfulfilled desires that are there floating in the subconscious and we do not realize it.

6- dream of strawberries and chocolate

Dreaming of strawberries to which we add chocolate is the clear representation of an active, sensual and very pleasant sexual life. It is an indicator that there is a possibility that you will enjoy a short-term love but full of passion and intensity.

7- dream of planting strawberries

This dream is very positive; It tells us that we are going to have great luck in all aspects of our lives. If we dream that we are planting strawberries and then eating them , it indicates that we will have good fortune and many authentic proposals that will help us start businesses.

8- dream of a strawberry crop

Dreaming of a strawberry crop can mean several things:

  • In less than what is expected, you will discover a very pleasant aspect about yourself.
  • You will find well-being in the family and great prosperity.
  • The sweet pleasures will drag you down to distract you and make you take your attention away from the things that are really important. You must be careful not to fall into these kinds of traps!

9- dream of fresh strawberries

If we see in our dream beautiful fresh red strawberries, it means that the moment is approaching where we are going to meet a new love characterized by mutual affection and excessive passion.

10- dream of cleaning strawberries

If we dream of cleaning strawberries, it means that our subconscious is getting rid of all the things that affect our love life and the enjoyment of our pleasures; such as economic inconveniences, toxic people, among others. To get to find true love, passion and full happiness, which is what this succulent fruit symbolizes.


As we could see, dreaming of strawberries can be interpreted in different ways, you must be attentive to the details of your dream in order to know exactly what your subconscious is trying to explain to you in this mysterious universe that few of us know how to decipher. I hope I was able to help you in this article.

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