What does it mean to dream about sugar

If you are a lover of the sweet that sugar gives, it may be a normal dream, because dreaming of something that we like is common.

If you are going through a phase of life that creates fatigue, stress and worries, dreaming of sugar could reveal a hypoglycemic state, and the unconscious suggests that your body needs energy and charge to deal with that phase.

Meanings of dreaming about sugar

Sugar in a dream, in addition to prefiguring love, happiness, sweetness, can also indicate a forbidden pleasure, or in its negative facet it also symbolizes envy .

This dream is often done by those people who like to be envied by their relatives and friends; dreaming about it means that you will face sudden and unexpected difficulties in both relationship and family life.

For some it symbolizes fatigue and anxiety ; for others it indicates that the dreamer lacks interesting real-life experiences and joyful events . For others, it predicts meetings with new people and success in the workplace.

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Also, if you dream of eating sugar it will mean that you want to achieve a goal, but to achieve it you will have to work very hard, overcoming many difficulties. Related to this, there are people who dream of eating too much until they feel bad , this portends that you are tired of being too available with people. Eating instead of sugar cubes means that problems will be overcome effortlessly.


  1. Dreaming of a sugar bowl means relaxing. If the sugar bowl does not have a lid, it portends that a problem outside the family will be resolved; if you have a cover, the problem in the family will disappear. Dreaming of a broken sugar bowl indicates that the problems already solved will not happen again.
  2. Dreaming of selling sugar – indicates upcoming profits.
  3. Dreaming of buying sugar : indicates that you are trying to get into someone’s heart; it can also predict the loss or theft of something that will be returned.
  4. Dreaming of a bowl of sugar : symbolizes that you are a sweet and optimistic person and people like to be close to the dreamer.
  5. Dreaming of filling your mouth with sugar : indicates greed.
  6. Dreaming of dropping sugar : this portends that you have lost something of little importance.
  7. Dreaming of using sugar : while cooking indicates that you will be able to avoid problems
  8. Dreaming of a mountain of sugar indicates that considerable efforts will have to be made to avoid great losses.
  9. To dream of receiving sugar as a gift : indicates that your partner is not very loyal.
  10. To dream that someone will put sugar in our cup indicates that our confidence will be deceived.
  11. To dream that sugar dissolves in water : indicates that an illness will bother us again.
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Dream of eating sugar

It is not necessarily good or bad, it has both meanings depending on the things that happen in the dream.

On the positive side it is interpreted that you are currently living in a pleasant way or how you really like to be, in another case it can mean that you are wasting your time which is very bad and you should focus on things that will be useful to you and finally we must say that it can represent something about forbidden pleasures.

that they give you sugar

It can be a very good dream for many, because it is related to love and means that someone is in love with you, but has not yet declared it or was able to tell you. If it is the case that you are giving away sugar, it is possible that you started a relationship or you can even get married.

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eat sugar cane

It is good to have this dream because it means that both in social life and in our own health we are doing very well , it is understood that we are in a good moment of personal and professional life.

Dream about eating cotton candy

As we all know, the biggest consumers of cotton candy are children, which is why it can be associated with infancy or childhood.

It can also be interpreted as being comfortable with who we are in life and that we have achieved several goals that we had set as our goal.

Dream of looking at sugar

This is associated with the pleasures of life and the tastes that we give ourselves with the things that we like, if you dreamed that you were eating sugar, you may need to treat yourself to some whims since you may be neglecting a side of your own happiness.

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It is necessary to take into account that dreams have many meanings and we must know how to interpret them, the things that are presented to us in each dream are very varied and can vary the correct interpretation that should be made.


The word sugar comes from the Arabic sukkar and is nothing more than the common name for sucrose. Excessive sugar consumption is considered one of the probable causes of obesity, dental problems, diabetes and tooth decay; even in dreams these disorders can occur in the form of addiction similar to hard drugs , as is the case in reality.

For the ancients, dreaming about sugar was about well-being, about health, about victory against enemies.

For the Arabs it was an omen of danger, difficulty, bad faith and deceit .

For Artemidorus if you dreamed of buying sugar you would have a quiet life; if you dreamed of eating it you were surrounded by opportunistic people; If you dreamed of receiving sugar as a gift, you foreshadowed that you were looking for love; If you dreamed of cutting it, it meant that you loved your work

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