What does it mean to dream about suicide

Dreaming of suicide is a way to end everything, including life. It usually occurs in people who are experiencing a severe depressive process or it can also occur in moments of great stress and, while we sleep, we find a way to definitively flee from what surrounds us, these types of dreams being considered as a simple form of escape.

Likewise, it can indicate the culmination of something , probably, some change in our lifestyle or, simply, that we have decided to leave the job. Dreaming of suicide is not a precognitive dream, therefore it will not come true. Also, it means that you are running out of strength and, surely, you are in need of help.

Death in dreams and, especially, suicide, does not always have a negative interpretation, it only symbolizes the step prior to rebirth from your ashes like the Phoenix. Sometimes, it is necessary to close the page or change the book. If this dream disturbs you at some point, we invite you to continue reading more about the subject and thus you will know its symbology.

dream of suicide

Dreaming of suicide can have several meanings. It is not very common and surely it turned into a nightmare, since committing suicide is a truly tragic event. However, it could be indicating internal conflicts that you can resolve. You feel dissatisfied or dissatisfied in some aspect of your life.

Dream that you commit suicide

To dream that you commit suicide represents that you are being very pessimistic. Perhaps, it is because lately you have been very stressed or worried about your personal affairs and you cannot see the immediate way out of your problems. The best thing you can do is talk to someone who supports you.

Dream of a suicide attempt

Dreaming of a suicide attempt means that you are longing for changes in your life. It is necessary and urgent that you make a list of your daily habits that are not allowing you to evolve. If possible, seek help so you can reschedule your days and become healthier and more productive.

Dream that you commit suicide in a car

If you dream that you are driving a vehicle and trying to commit suicide, it is a sign that you do not know how to measure your words , with which you usually harm the people who accompany you on your trip. Try to remember who was in the car and learn to appreciate their company before hurting them.

dream of someone committing suicide

Dreaming that someone commits suicide symbolizes that their failures can affect you indirectly. Try to remember the reasons why that being committed suicide, since it could be a clear indication of future problems with him or her. Take into account the motivations that contributed to his suicide.

Dream that you witness a suicide

If in your dream you witness a suicide it could indicate a bad omen. Perhaps a close relative is sick and may die. However, remember that it is only a pipe dream and that you should not attract bad things into your life. Also, it means that you feel a certain fear of death.

Dreams according to different types of suicides

Dream that you commit suicide by jumping from a building

In general, dreaming of our suicide is already something quite worrying and terrifying. If, indeed, any of this has ever crossed your mind, see a specialist immediately . If, on the other hand, it was simply a dream and you are terrified, you only have to interpret it.

Dreaming that you commit suicide by throwing yourself either off a roof or a window of a tall building, or any high place suggests that we are going through moments of imbalance and lack of control from which we simply want to disappear. Such a dream reflects the anxiety generated by various personal conflicts which we do not know how to overcome.

Dream that you commit suicide with a firearm

If you are one of the people who handles weapons, it may not be so far-fetched that you have a dream like this. Many times being surrounded by some situations or objects for a long time leads our dream states to reflect situations that we would never do in our most conscious state.

Or maybe we’re just watching cop shows or crime shows in general too intensely. Finally, the weapon is just the excuse to want to eliminate certain thoughts that are currently disturbing us. In such a way that we must work on ourselves, especially on our mental tranquility.

Dream that you commit suicide with a knife

If this white weapon is a knife and you have cut your wrists with it, it represents a break in relationships, be it work, friendship or family. Possibly also some loss of money. On the other hand, let us take into consideration that these veins also represent roots such as those of trees; In this sense, if you cut your roots, you would be representing a family breakup to which you should pay full attention.

Dream that you commit suicide by poisoning yourself 

Dreaming that you commit suicide by taking pills represents some disorders that we may be experiencing , either due to insomnia, headaches or some other illness that requires medication. Such a situation has created fear and insecurity in ourselves, hence the manifestation of such a dream.

Dream that you commit suicide by hanging yourself

As terrifying as it is to dream of suicide, careful attention should be paid to such a dream representation. It represents certain situations that we wanted to express openly but for one reason or another we did not finish expressing. You are going through some uncomfortable situation that has created some insecurity in you and therefore you go for the simplest side by hiding yourself.

Dream that you commit suicide by setting yourself on fire

The interpretation of the dream of a suicide by burning yourself is precisely that you are going through various conflicts that have generated a lot of anxiety in your life and from which you do not know how to get out. You may have many problems and fears because you don’t know how to solve them. It’s all a matter of calming down, resting, to find the most viable way to solve them.

Dreaming that you commit suicide by placing yourself on the rails of a train

The rails of a train are precisely the oneiric representation of new paths, of unexplored horizons. If we commit suicide in them, we are taking the denial of change for granted . You may have various options to generate them but you have simply denied it and your subconscious has manifested it.

Dreaming of suicide according to kinship

Dream that your parents commit suicide

Dreaming that your parents commit suicide represents the transformations that you are experiencing in your current life, especially with them. You will have to live a new stage by his side. You must consider the relationship you have led to restart it from a different and new perspective.

Dream that your mother commits suicide

If in your dream you saw your mother commit suicide , it can mean the “death” of your maternal or feminine aspect. Perhaps, you are in need of more maternal attention, which you can ask for without hurting your ego by dreaming of suicide. Also, it could symbolize that you should take care of your own children.

Dream that one of your siblings commits suicide

If you dreamed that one of your siblings commits suicide, it symbolizes that you feel dissatisfied with your life or with part of it. Also, he could be representing your brother’s discontents, indicating that you should help him to the best of your ability.

Dream that your stepbrother commits suicide

If in your dream you saw your stepbrother committing suicide, it means that soon you could be having a conflict with him that will make you feel very guilty. Before letting yourself be carried away by emotions, you must reconsider. It will always be better to avoid problems than to apologize for your mistakes.

Dream that your partner commits suicide

Dreaming that your partner commits suicide could be representing your fears of being the object of an act of infidelity or becoming someone unfaithful. You must analyze your dream very well to know what concern in your love relationship leads you to have this type of doubt.

Dreaming that your ex partner commits suicide

Dreaming that your former partner commits suicide shows your concern towards him or her. The safest thing is that you still hide something that you have not told him or you are sorry for some past behavior. You left an open wound that you must now close to end that life cycle.

Dream that your boyfriend commits suicide

If you dream that your boyfriend commits suicide, it indicates that there is a problem in your love relationship or, possibly, between your partner and their loved ones, a conflict that may affect you directly. Your loved one may be feeling stuck or stuck.

Dream about the suicide of a friend

Dreaming of the suicide of a friend means that you must contact that individual for help. Surely, he is going through a bad time and you do not know it. Resume the affection you feel for her and you will see that you have gained again a friend who can make a difference in your life.

Dream of a loved one committing suicide

To dream that a loved one commits suicide symbolizes the excessive concern towards that individual. It means that you feel great love for her, but you live in anguish over the possible loss of her and anxiety generates an unhealthy dependency for you.

Dreaming that someone you know is trying to commit suicide

If in your dream you see someone you know trying to commit suicide but does not succeed, it means that you have many problems fluttering in your mind and that you are wasting your energies on other people. Focus on your goals because you are adrift. Take control of your life and you will see that you will achieve your goals.

Dream about pilot suicides

Dream about a suicidal kamikaze pilot

Dreaming that a kamikaze pilot commits suicide , usually represents someone unable to measure the consequences of their actions, which could lead to a variety of problems, leading you to make mistakes. It reflects concern, too much, to achieve their own goals.

Dream that you are a suicide pilot

If in your dream you saw yourself as a suicide pilot , it is a sign that you find yourself punishing yourself with feelings of guilt. You may want to pass yourself off as a victim to cause discomfort and remorse to other people you suspect of hurting you.

Dream about terrorists committing suicide

This dream with terrorists committing suicide represents someone who is afraid of experiencing tragic events worldwide. It is a manifestation of your insecurities towards the future and the uncertain. You show fear of the unknown, because you are not comfortable with events that you cannot control.

Dream about suicides of public figures

Dream that the president commits suicide

It is possible that in your country things are not going well and you have great desires for everything to improve. It is not necessarily something premonitory, but it does indeed reflect our sensations according to the situation that surrounds us, either because we hope that everything will improve and within us we hope that everything will be reborn from the death of the negative that is currently happening.

Dream that your favorite actor commits suicide

One of the fundamental factors of such a dream may be related to our empathy with it today. Possibly such an actor has been going through certain refreshing changes that we have been constantly aware of. In this sense, it can mean the renewal that it is experiencing.

Dream that your favorite actress commits suicide

If you are a woman, you may see yourself in the image of such an artist, not because of the physical appearance, but because of the admiration for it. In this sense, observing the suicide of such a character brings us changes that we have been experiencing in ourselves.

Dream that your favorite singer commits suicide

Such a dream is, to a large extent, the interpretation of a possible maturation that we are experiencing. When our favorite singer commits suicide, he brings with him our awareness that such a character is a human being just like you and more than idolatry deserves respect before his profession. You are experiencing syntax changes in response to your beliefs about fame.

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