What does it mean to dream about surgery? 24 dream interpretations

As with all traumatic dreams, dreaming of an operation indicates a reflection on yourself and that you are “taking a journey into the unknown.” There are many different fields of surgery that can appear in a dream. However, sometimes you don’t even know what operation is being performed, you just see yourself “undergoing an operation”. This dream focuses on finding your true self and your path in life. Brest surgery, bladder stone surgery, heart and organ surgery can predict things in the future.

If you have recently undergone surgery or know that a family member or friend has undergone surgery, then a dream about surgery could be due to these external factors. My first question here is what is surgery? Surgery is a treatment of disorders or injuries to the body through manipulation or incision, and in dreams surgery can take many different forms. Each element can be segmented into a “symbol” and then explored to uncover the details and discover the meaning behind it.

What does it mean to dream of surgery ? I know that this dream can be something unpleasant. We don’t like being on the operating table. A dream about undergoing surgery is an indicator that you need to remove someone or something from your life immediately. Whatever it is, it is having a negative impact on your life. It could involve a powerful person who is trying to force you to do something that you feel is wrong. Consider the dream as a warning and try to get rid of all the negative energy in your life. Take control of your life and prevent someone from trying to control it.

What does it mean to dream about surgery? 24 dream interpretations


When you dream that you are going to have an operation , it could mean that something is causing you to feel nervous. To overcome anxiety and negative feeling, you will need to address whatever is causing the negativity in your life. Alternatively, the dream could imply that you are scheduled for surgery and it is causing you anxiety about the outcome of the procedure. The dream could also mean that you are worried about your own health. Dreaming of surgery also suggests that you feel that some part of your individuality, be it your lifestyle or your ideals, is causing problems.

Dreaming of an operation can have very varied environments, since there are countless surgeries that can be performed, and each one of them can have a different symbology, which is why we have prepared for you a series of specific interpretations about the most common dreams that are related to operations. Remember the most minute details of your dream so that you can find the correct meaning, since each reference plays an important role:

1-Dreaming of heart surgery

Dreaming of heart surgery is related to our love life and the way we process information. Having heart surgery in your dream is a sign that your love life is going through big changes. The good news is that they are positive changes that will help your relationship heal and grow. This type of dream may come to you if you are planning to get married because you are entering the next step in your love relationship.

2-Dreaming of a nose job

Dreaming of a nose operation indicates that you are not satisfied with the environments with which you have been related; maybe they have brought you some trouble and this makes you feel uncomfortable. You cannot truly find yourself because you have spent your life trying to be who you are not. Perhaps this dream is trying to tell you that you should learn to make better decisions to immerse yourself in an environment that really makes you feel good.

3-Dreaming of breast surgery

Dreaming of breast surgery is an indicator that you have some painful memories, struggles and bad feelings that take time to heal and are always present in your mind. Our past has an influence on our present and this is connected to this dream. Our breasts in dreams are connected to mother nature and trying to find time to heal. If it is due to plastic surgery, this may be an anxiety dream reflecting your worries about the procedure. Or, you should make a note of where on the body the surgery was performed and the result.

4-Dreaming of a stomach operation

Dreaming of a stomach operation can be worrying, especially if you see that your stomach organs actually “open” in the dream. Stomach surgery in a dream is connected to your own goals. Visualize this dream as a message: what do you really want from life? Think about this question and the way, the steps to try to make your own goals manageable, sometimes we dream about our stomach when we are overwhelmed.

It is really important to understand what you really want from life after having this dream. Dreaming of intestinal operations may imply that you have recently undertaken difficult situations.

5-Dream about knee surgery

Dreaming of a knee operation means you have been bowing down to others for a long time, you have had a lot of dependence on what other people have wanted to do with you and you have not had the ability to make your own decisions. This dream is telling you that there will be a radical change in your life that will force you to change that attitude. Soon you will have to fend for yourself if you want to survive the circumstances, but that is very good because it will help you to emerge.

6-Dreaming of cosmetic surgery

Dreaming of cosmetic surgery is a sign that you might feel bad about your own self-esteem. If so, I’m sorry you feel this way. An important thing when it comes to being happy in life is to control what you can and understand how you can seize the day. When you make an effort for yourself (doing something you want), then things can seem better. After finding this dream, you will need to believe in your own abilities and self-esteem. Dreaming of others undergoing plastic surgery may imply that you are feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

If you dream that you are having a facelift , it is an indicator of your desire to change the way other people see you. Makes sense as correct. When your mind is concerned with how others perceive you. It is a dream that is not about your physical appearance, but the dream reflects on your desire to adopt a new identity or person. To dream that someone you know is performing face lift surgery in your dream, means that you are having a different way of communicating with others.

7-Dreaming of brain surgery

Dreaming of brain surgery is an indicator that you will have to find an important change in your beliefs and thoughts. One should approach life with a positive attitude and focus on one’s life goals. The brain in a dream is all about focus and prosperity. Sometimes we focus on making the mental effort to try to solve all our goals or problems in life to deepen our own knowledge. Sometimes we have to take a different approach in life.

This dream can also be connected to criticism, disguised as a compliment, that is; you could be being criticized without realizing it, in a nutshell; someone will be making fun of you and you should carefully analyze the environment in which you operate so as not to continue allowing this to happen. Brain surgery is obviously a stressful type of surgery to perform in real life and it is no exception in a dream. The rapid involvement of surgical elements in a dream can indicate that some principles are being challenged.

8-Dream with appendix operation

Dreaming of an appendix operation indicates that you have gotten too involved in matters that do not correspond to you and that have been very harmful to you. This dream is a very bad omen since it announces that you will soon be involved in one or more problems from which it will not be easy for you to get out. You may have to go through very difficult situations to solve all this, but in the end you will be able to do it with a lot of sacrifice, and best of all, in this process you will be able to realize your mistakes and you will have the opportunity to change course.

9-Dreaming of ear surgery

Dreaming of ear surgery indicates that you need to hear yourself better; your inner voice is what is going to ensure that you then feel comfortable with whatever environment you choose for yourself. Perhaps you are getting carried away by what other people say and that most of the time is not beneficial; since others can not know what really makes you feel good and are usually based on your own experiences outside of you. Not everyone is capable of reacting in the same way to certain events. Connect more with your inner self.

10-Dream of bad operation

Dreaming of a bad operation indicates that you feel that you are being controlled by a failed person or that you will fail in the near future. These events will make you feel frustrated and stressed, but you must take into account that the dream is warning you that you should stay away from these people, because they do not build you up in any way, but they stagnate you because they do not like to feel inferior. Dreaming of a bad operation can also mean that you are afraid of failure and events related to death.

11-Dream with eye surgery

Dreaming of eye surgery is related to the way you look at people or the circumstances that interact in your environment. Perhaps you are not knowing how to observe the people around you well and some of these are not as sincere as you think. This dream is an indicator that this is going to change; because soon you will realize who are truly your allies and who are your enemies.

12-Dreaming of another person’s operation

Dreaming of someone else’s operation means opening up and getting emotional healing. Often this occurs when you are deleting something in your life that is not worth keeping; either actions that you have been wrongly executing for a long time or toxic people. On the other hand, the dream could denote that someone is influencing your life and causing you to behave in a certain way.

13-Dreaming of children’s surgery

Dreaming of children‘s surgery means that there are certain events from the past that you still remember and that are hurting you a lot; things that have not healed internally despite the years; perhaps you suffered some physical abuse or perhaps you were unfairly judged. But this is not the time to lament over something that has already happened; this dream is telling you that from this moment on things are going to be different and things will happen to you that will greatly change your perspective on life.

14-Dreaming with mathematical operation

Dreaming of a mathematical operation may be warning that you are being exaggeratedly rational; you are very hard on the people around you; you are simply based on what should be and how it should be, and you are not taking into account that there are circumstances in life that can cause our goals to be affected. First of all we are human beings, you are too, and at some point the law of karma will teach you that it is not always possible to irrefutably fulfill what is delegated to us.

15-Dreaming of a relative’s operation

Dreaming of a relative’s operation can indicate something in everyday life that is annoying for you. You must emotionally disconnect from that something or someone and focus on controlling your life. You may want that person’s disposition or personality to change for the better, but you can’t change people overnight so it’s best to stand back and hope they decide to do it themselves. On the other hand, the dream could imply that you have to remove something from your life that is related to the person who is being operated on.

16-Dreaming of uterus operation

Dreaming of a uterus operation means that you feel the need to enjoy that maternity instinct that you have not experienced; perhaps you have spent a lot of time trying to obtain a conception that you have not achieved and you consider that you do not work well; remember that dreams are also a manifestation of the true feelings that are internal and that it is difficult for us to express.

In the case of women or men who already have children, this may indicate that it is becoming a bit difficult for them to fulfill their maternal and paternal roles. Sometimes we come across problematic children that make this function an ordeal; but we must learn to remain calm and act in a more understanding way with them, perhaps we need to talk a little more.

17-Dream about ankle surgery

Dreaming of ankle or foot surgery generally illustrates that, although there are great moments, it seems that there is no ideal time to focus on your own goals. The feet are generally connected to how we approach goals in dreams and the ankles are their support. It is better to let things progress slowly, using the tools we have.

Most ankle surgeries can be performed in a day case. You can dream that your ankle is bandaged; this indicates that you should never allow other people to get in the way of your goals. Most importantly, this dream is associated with goal setting.

18-Dreaming of testicle surgery

Dreaming of testicle surgery is generally related to the sexual act; Perhaps you are feeling that your functioning in bed is not optimal and you are looking for ways to improve, or perhaps it is your partner who does not feel comfortable with you in that aspect. You must study all the possibilities and analyze each one of them, since perhaps this dream is trying to help you keep your romantic relationship standing.

19-Dreaming of leg surgery

Dreaming of leg surgery can mean that you are going through some difficult decisions and that it makes you feel different than normal. You need to let go, but you are finding the process difficult. Remember, it is best to get rid of negative feelings. If you are trying to think more positively, then this surgery may occur in a dream. Amputation of a leg in the dream can mean that you feel that you cannot achieve your goals.

20-Dreaming of cesarean section

Dreaming of a cesarean section means that you should try to reverse and change things in your life. You are not going on the right path and you need to change your course to have a true improvement. Perhaps you should get rid of all those feelings of resentment and revenge that make you act on impulse and do not allow you to see clearly what are the things that suit you. This dream is about a spiritual cleansing that is currently happening in you and that you must support with your behavior.

21-Dreaming of back surgery

Dreaming of back surgery is related to feeling “stabbed in the back.” This event could have been in the past or in the present. The wonderful thing about this dream is that you know deep down that everyone in your life is there for a reason and that if you feel like you need to watch their back (perhaps at work), then you need to search for the truth. Often seeing your back open in a dream is literal as you feel stabbed in the back, be it a recent incident or an encounter in the past.

Dreaming of back surgery may simply mean that you have encountered an offensive act in the past or present. This is a dream that is urging you to take a step back and look at others. One of the most important lessons in life is to try to “let go”, it is really hard to rectify what some people say about you.

22-Dreaming with surgical instruments

Scissors or saws indicate that you want to cut things out of your life. Gentle types of instruments or organ owners may indicate that you need to take some responsibility for your own emotions. The presence in a dream of the instruments with which operations are carried out could mean that there is a possibility that you will be mistreated by a very close friend and this could break the relationship.

23-Dreaming of being a surgeon

Being a surgeon in your dream can present itself in many ways. You could be operating on someone or just see yourself in a hospital. This dream is all about discovering how you can appreciate yourself. Your life may be full of responsibilities and you feel stress and anxiety. If you dream that a member of your family is a doctor or surgeon, it indicates that you are feeling confused about how to handle the many responsibilities.

Treat the dream as a way to make yourself feel more grounded. If you dream of being a surgeon and things go wrong then it may simply be as a result of day-to-day activities and there is a need to relax. If you are surrounded by difficult situations or under pressure, this dream can be quite common.

24-Dreaming of recovering after an operation

Dreaming of recovering after an operation means that you are going to need medical attention. This dream also means that you still care what others think about you; It takes us a long time to stop worrying and believe in ourselves. If you see yourself in a hospital after an operation it can mean that you feel affected by the things around you in life.


Dreams with operations may be warning us about a problem on the road, which we will have to analyze carefully to obtain the appropriate results. These dreams suggest that we will have to get used to changes because some things will be different in the future and that is not an easy experience to deal with in many cases. Spiritually, the surgery suggests that your mind is occupied with worldly thoughts, and you don’t have time to relax and give yourself a chance for a meaningful experience to arise.

As we were able to observe , dreams where an operation is carried out are directly related to our senses; our body speaks to us, even through dreams, to warn us about eventualities, so if you have dreamed of surgery you should be very aware of the messages that your subconscious is trying to give you through this mysterious language.

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