Dream About Sweeping Water

Dreaming of sweeping water portends that we will see ourselves in conditions unknown to us. Surely we start a new job, change university or college career, or we will have to make peace with an enemy. This great change will make new possibilities arise for us.

We don’t have to allow fear to control us, and make that drastic change in our life. Taking risks is that we will find new paths and new purposes. Also sweeping water symbolizes gains, money, love, opportunities, changes, fears and losses.

Dream About Sweeping Water

If we are sweeping water in our patio, and it is difficult for us to make the water go away, it represents that we will not know how to get a person who is in love with us out of the oak. Seeing that when we are sweeping it is done at night, it augurs economic gains that will be more than good for us. If after sweeping the floor is very clean, it indicates wealth and many opportunities to come. Many doors will open to us and we will not know which opportunity to choose, since they will all be tempting.

See a janitor sweeping the water from the sidewalk

This dream shows us that we will soon receive a great inheritance.

Meaning of dreaming of sweeping water inside the house

It indicates that we will make peace with the people of the family where there was discord and estrangement. Everything will return to the way it was before and we will have incredible moments with the family again. If when we are sweeping the water from the house, we find something that we had lost, point out that the gossip they are inventing about us will make us look ridiculous in front of others.

See another person sweeping up water

And not helping her shows that we will see someone close to us fulfill their goals and dreams after much effort. We will feel proud and happy for that person. If instead we help that person to sweep the water, it indicates that together with someone we will fulfill our dream after a lot of work and dedication.

Dreaming of sweeping water with a broom

If the broom is new, it predicts very positive changes that are about to come to our lives, full of prosperity. But if the broom is old or broken, it signals that financially difficult times will come, with losses, family problems or unexpected failures.

Finish all wet in the dream after sweeping

Because the water splashed all over our clothes, it shows that we will become a mockery of someone. But we do not have to take this personally, because if we laugh at his teasing, he will desist from doing it.

Buying a broom to sweep up water

It shows that we will reach our goals with the help of a family member. If we don’t ask for help, we won’t be able to achieve our dreams.

Sweep water from room to room

It signals that it is time to let our secret out and start living calmly without that stress of knowing when someone will find out. Contrary to what we think, people will understand us and support us a lot.

Explanation of dreaming of sweeping water full of garbage or dirty

It shows that we will be able to do many obligations and we will feel very stressed about having to fulfill them, but in the end, we will do them unwillingly. There will be no way to deny us. Also this dream indicates that there is a person who will start gossiping about us, with the aim of ruining our life. We have to be vigilant to find out who that person is and walk away. If we manage to sweep away all the water, it augurs economic gains, joys and a lot of union with the family. It will be very happy times.

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