Dream about swimming in dirty water

For most people, dreaming of swimming in dirty water causes a feeling of unpleasantness. In this dream we must take into account what our sensation is when we are swimming in dirty water, since its meaning will depend on that.

This type of dream is usually related to fear, contempt, loneliness, anguish, distrust and fear. Although, on the other hand, we can have positive feelings such as happiness, joy and well-being.

Dream of swimming in dirty water

Swimming in dirty water indicates that we are in need of more attention. We are feeling alone and forgotten by the people we love. Swimming calmly in dirty water means that we are very friendly with people. For us, the most important thing is to have a group of people who give us their support, that makes us feel very good and safe. Swimming in dirty water and swallowing it shows that we have a very difficult way of being, and others do not understand it.

If we find ourselves swimming in dirty water and not being able to move forward, it shows that we are very indecisive when it comes to making decisions. Many times that lack of confidence causes us to miss out on great opportunities. Sinking into dirty water while swimming represents a difficult stage in our family or work life. Although others appreciate us, we fail to see it and this means that we are always feeling a constant grudge.

Swimming in dirty water against the current, predicts that in our lives things will not be easy for us. But if we swim with the current, even if its waters are dirty, it shows that a stage will come where things will be easy and quick to achieve. Seeing that another person is swimming means that our effort will lead us to success, as long as we manage to put all our attention on positive and spiritual things. Swimming with a life jacket in dirty water shows that we will start new projects, which although they will not be easy, they will be as successful as we dream of.

Swimming in dirty water and not knowing how to get out

If we are swimming in very dirty or cloudy water, and we do not know how to get out of it, it indicates that we have many mental confusions and doubts. Spending the whole dream trying to get out of the water without success indicates that if we want to get ahead we must listen to the opinions of our loved ones.

If we drown while swimming in dirty water

This dream shows that we usually drown in a glass of water. Our negativity means that wherever we look, we always see problems, and most of the time they do not exist.

Dream of swimming in dirty water of a river or lake

Being able to swim across a dirty lake or river without any difficulty shows that we are ready to move forward in our life. We must trust our instincts and let ourselves go. If we manage to cross it, but with a certain degree of difficulty, it means that we will achieve success after overcoming obstacles.

See there are fish

Swimming in dirty waters where there are fish by our side, shows that although sometimes we feel that we are alone and nobody supports us, in reality there are many people around us who are accompanying us and helping us to achieve our goals. Also this dream means that the problems will disappear and we will feel satisfied with our life.

Dream of swimming in turbulent dirty water

Fighting against the turbulent dirty waters, it indicates that we will have a lot of work to do if we want to achieve our dreams. Feeling that we are swimming in dirty turbulent waters and suddenly we feel that we are beginning to sink, predicts misfortune. Swimming in turbulent dirty waters with big waves, represents our inner uncertainty and doubts.

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