Dream about the devil (Lucifer or Satan)

The figure of the devil, culturally and historically represents evil, temptation and sin. The representation of him spread beyond religions and is present on a cultural level throughout the world: literature, comics, cinema, theater, TV.

He is a really common character, and Dreaming of the devil is usually an unpleasant experience, it could even cause sweating and the dreamer to wake up suddenly.

But does it always have a negative connotation? Here we explain.

The meaning of dreaming with the devil

If you are one of those who are really scared by the appearance of this character in your dreams, first be aware of the cause of this: perhaps you saw a movie where the devil appeared or had a conversation where he was mentioned.

This is recorded in your subconscious and could lead to it appearing in your dreams. If, on the other hand, it appears spontaneously, stay calm, since this is more common than you imagine.

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Dreaming of the devil is usually unpleasant, for some it becomes nightmares, and his presence in dreams can represent negative feelings: hatred, betrayals, confrontations, fear of something or someone; but it could also represent your inner self, your fears or the negative side of your spirit that you find yourself externalizing at this time in your life; it also represents the fear of failure.

It can also appear if you live constantly in anguish, or under stressful situations that you don’t know how to handle.

In addition, it usually represents fears of your own feelings that you are not facing; many times for fear of leaving our comfort zone or knowing what could be the negative part of our being, we ignore these feelings or repress them. If we are experiencing moments of depression or guilt, it is also likely that we see the devil in our dreams.

Here are some of the most common meanings:

If you dream that you are possessed by the devil:

this could represent the repressed feelings that you do not externalize or the inability that you currently have to take control of your emotions and the situations that you are going through.

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It also represents the inner strength you possess to carry this out.

If you dream that you fight with the devil:

you are facing or about to face a difficult situation in your life, you have recognized the inner strength to act, perhaps it is time to reconcile with your soul. Winning the fight bodes very well: possible personal victories.

This fight could also indicate that you are postponing a confrontational situation that is unavoidable.

If you lose the fight, it means that you could end up giving up the fight or giving up your position in the face of the situation you are facing or about to face.

Take advantage of this omen and strongly assume your position, talk to your friends and family to nourish yourself with positive energies.

If in the dream, the devil is you:

You are probably carrying out an action with which you are not very satisfied and you are ignoring your beliefs, values ​​or convictions. This could represent the reproach you feel towards yourself.

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If in the dream you find yourself having sexual activity with the devil or a demon, it means that you are going through a stormy relationship that is hurting your spirit.

If you find yourself talking to the devil:

It means that you could be in a tricky situation; a love or work relationship, some deal in which they could be cheating on you; even betrayals between friends or relatives or that you still feel indecision and fear to define a position before some situation in your life.

If the devil torments you during your dream, you could be going through hard times in your life of unhappiness and anguish.

If you dream that you are a friend of the devil:

This could represent that you tend to let yourself be convinced by your own criteria before following your convictions and principles.

Maybe it’s time to start saying: no. Stay away from conflictive people, but above all, give weight to your feelings, to your convictions.

Only you can give power to your thoughts.

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If God and the Devil appear in your dream, this represents a moment of indecision that you are experiencing and occupies your thoughts. God represents good, the “correct” decision, the positive feelings associated with this situation, the devil represents evil, wrong decisions, the feelings that accompany the problem: hatred, betrayal, envy, hypocrisy.

Is there any positive meaning?

The answer is : Yes. Sometimes the devil appears in the form of a man, representing the strength and potential you possess to confront adverse situations in your life.

Even if the dream is unpleasant, objectively analyzing it, it could have a positive connotation.

Deciphering what you experienced in the dream can show you or even confirm situations that you have been sensing or your positions on the matter.

Use this as an incentive to face your feelings, that you dominate them and not them to you! Much success.

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