What does it mean to dream about the end of the world? 10 dream interpretations

Dreaming of the end of the world is one of the most terrifying dreams we can have, since religion has instilled in us since childhood that it is an event that will come like a thief in the night, taking all the inhabitants by surprise. ; without them being able to do anything to remedy it. The story tells us mainly about fire and water, which are the two most prominent elements when it comes to talking about this unexpected ending.

Another thing that religion and history as such teaches us; it is that at that moment we are all going to be judged by our actions; therefore dreams with the end of the world can be related to faults that we have within us; inappropriate things that we have done at some point in our lives and that we are afraid of coming to light.

Dreaming of the end of the world can mean concern about a specific situation, something that worries you and that you think could turn into a disaster. However, not all dreams with this ending that we all fear always have negative meanings; It can also indicate a spiritual awakening, a new rebirth that is coming into your life to bring you endless positive things.

 What does it mean to dream of the end of the world? 10 dream interpretations

End of the world

According to experts in dream interpretations, dreaming of the end of the world means the end of a life cycle , but since every end is a beginning, this will also bring about the beginning of a new stage that will generate many positive changes in you. However, you will go through many moments of uncertainty, since it will be something new for you and like any circumstance of this nature it could cause emotional shocks.

However, the meaning of dreams with the end of the world depends largely on how you take it and the context . Therefore, you should be attentive to the details of the dream and rely on the following dream interpretations that we have prepared below for you:

1- Dream of the end of the world with water

Dreaming of the end of the world with water is telling you that soon you will be able to solve the problems that have been tormenting you all this time, we will be in the presence of a new being; one capable of achieving all the things that are proposed. The energies are marching in your favor and therefore you will be endowed with incredible strength and power to counteract any difficulty that may be presenting you.

If you have witnessed the end of the world with water in a dream , it is the right time to execute all your plans, since the universe will be giving you all the tools to see them carried out at their best. The water may end the world in your dream but it purifies your life. You must fill your mind with pure and clean thoughts so that you can move forward and begin to fulfill all your desires.

2-Dream with the end of the world and survive

Dreaming of the end of the world and surviving indicates that there is a rebirth that you long for very much. This long-awaited rebirth has not happened because there are still many elements around you that you can use in your favor. You can achieve many more things than you have achieved. Also, the universe has endowed you with all the skills to get everything you need, but first you must find yourself and set your priorities.

Fears limit the progress of any person, so if you have dreamed that there was an end of the world and you survived it , your subconscious is telling you that you must leave your comfort zone to start going after the wonderful things that life holds for you You must go after your desires because no one will do it for you. Only then can you begin to enjoy what belongs to you.

3- Dream of the end of the world with fire

Dreaming of the end of the world with fire announces the end of a stage in your life, you may be going from young to adult, that your maturity has reached its highest state and you are beginning to experience new things. It could also be the end of a professional career that will force you to enter new fields. Similarly, it also reveals a danger that something dearly cherished will come to an end.

On the other handdreaming of the end of the world with fire could mean that you are going to be freed from that vicious circle in which you have been trapped  for all this time, everything that tormented you is finally going to disappear from your life without leaving any trace. trail.

4-Dreaming of the end of the world with a flood

Dreaming of the end of the world with a flood means that all the difficulties you have been going through throughout your life will disappear from one moment to another. You will enter a stage of complete peace and tranquility, since there will be a purification of your inner self, which will generate a change in all the aspects that characterize you.

5-Dreaming of the end of the world with meteorites

Dreaming of the end of the world with meteorites means that a change is going to occur in your life, but it will be abrupt, perhaps something will happen that may be causing you to feel trapped in new situations that you cannot control. It could be an accident in which you are going to lose functions of your body or projects that are very important to you; thing that will force you to start a new life from now on. Or maybe it has to do with the forced breakup of a relationship you’ve been fighting for for a long time.

6-Dreaming of the end of the world and zombies

If you have not seen a movie where these individuals appear, then dreaming of the end of the world and zombies indicates that you have too many internal fears that do not let you move forward. You are afraid of being attacked by the hidden secrets that you have kept for so many years, which are indirectly attacking you through this dream, and warning you that you are going to live a new stage in your life but first you will have to pay for all the bad things you have done, you will suffer in your own flesh the damage that others have suffered because of you.

7-Dreaming of the end of the world and tornadoes

Dreaming of the end of the world and tornadoes is telling you that you are going to experience a new change in your life that will be positive, but that at the same time will cause many things that were important to you to disappear, since it will be a radical change that will not affect you. will not ask for any permission to enter your territory, but will arrive in an invasive way to teach you the correct way how you should handle situations in your day to day to be able to arise.

8-Dreaming of the end of the world fire and water

Dreaming of the end of the fire and water world means that there will be a total change in your life , one that will completely get rid of all those toxic elements that harm your environment and do not let you move forward, it will also bring with it elements that will purify your feelings so that you act in an honest and transparent manner; since that is what will make the successes you get irrevocable.

9-Dreaming of the end of the world and aliens

Dreaming of the end of the world and aliens indicates that you will soon experience a change with which you will not feel very satisfied, it will be very difficult for you to adapt since your environment will be provided with many new things that you do not know, and perhaps they will be very complicated for you. interact with them.

Dreaming of the end of the world and aliens also reveals that you have a great fear of the unknown. It is an experience that makes you believe that someone wants to hurt you. In the same way, it indicates that you currently feel unable to deal with the problems that concern you.

10-Dreaming of the end of the world and the devil

Dreaming of the end of the world and the devil is warning you about temptations that may be appearing in your environment, things that can greatly harm you; It is the only interpretation of this dream that is totally negative, since if you fall into that temptation you could be digging your own grave, that of your loved ones or that of your most important projects.


As we could see, dreaming of the end of the world is undoubtedly an indication of a new birth ; we are leaving behind stages of our life to start living others; that no matter how run over they are, they will come to teach us to get ahead on our own, or to counteract those obstacles that come our way.

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