What does it mean to dream about the rule? 4 dream interpretations

Many women can dream of their period or menstruation constantly, since it is a monthly event that the vast majority of them live for almost their entire lives immediately after their hormonal development. This dream can be taken as something normal, because they usually relate it to the fact of the same concern that sometimes produces this cycle when it does not occur in the usual way.

Perhaps women who dream of the rule or what is the same, the period or menstruation, think that something will happen to them concerning this long-awaited event or hated by some people. Perhaps they imagine that they have some disease of the cervix that is causing them problems or perhaps they imagine that what they saw in the dream experience is going to happen to them.

However, it is not so; the rule or menstruation is the process by which the body gets rid of all the things that should no longer be inside it; precisely with that has to do the meaning of dreaming with the rule ; the fact of seeing yourself with it in a dream indicates that we are experiencing a physical and spiritual purification.

What does it mean to dream about the rule? 4 dream interpretations

Elements used in the menstrual period

Dreaming of the rule does not mean anything bad, on the contrary, we are getting rid of all those things that are toxic to our lives, through the interaction of the energies that move in the environment in which we live daily.

Dreams with menstrual period blood generally mean that an internal disinfection is occurring , but to know exactly what your dream means, you need to have been attentive to all the details of the environment that characterized it, and rely on the interpretations that we have prepared below for you; are the most common about dreaming with the ruler:

1-Dream about the menstrual period

Dreaming of the menstrual period can have different meanings; if you are having a late period it means that the energies are looking for a way to free you from all those things that harm your life, but something or someone is preventing this from happening, there are many people interested in you remaining in the stagnation in which you you are currently, and they do everything they can to make that happen.

If you dream that your menstrual period is coming down normally and at the right time, it means that you are undergoing a spiritual cleansing that is happening in stages, and slowly but effectively. It is necessary that it be this way to avoid emotional shocks, due to the radical changes that this will generate, both in the process and in the culmination of it.

On the other hand , dreaming of an early menstrual period announces that the universe is trying to get harmful things out of you but abruptly, because they are gaining a lot of ground in your life and are causing great damage that seems irreparable.

2-dream of abundant rule

Dreaming of abundant rule means that all the problems that have been tormenting your life, the frustrations, the anxiety, the stress and all the personal conflicts that you may have gone through, are being expelled from your life. You are experiencing a purification in all aspects of your existence, to achieve emotional healing that promotes your personal improvement.

Seeing that you have abundant periods in a dream announces the arrival of great changes for you, changes that will represent a great advance in your life, since you will be a new person; willing to fight with all her might to achieve the goals she has set for herself.

3-Dreaming of the rule while pregnant

Dreaming of a period while pregnant means that despite the blessing that having a child means; your body is full of negative energies that could harm both you and the creature you carry inside; for which the universe is using positive energies to counteract all that and help you expel all the spiritual toxin that is affecting everything related to your well-being.

Dreaming about your period while pregnant can also mean that the very creature that you carry in your womb is going to be the one that will help you dissuade all the bad that currently exists within you. Children are tender, helpless, innocent and free of guilt, they usually make us change our minds about many things, even about people that we did not tolerate in the past.

That being so small and vulnerable has come to you to give you a new reason to fight for your livelihood and teach you the beauty that life can have if it is conducted in a noble, honest and transparent way; forgetting the grudge that is rooted in you, filling your being with dark energies from hatred that is strongly rooted destroying you inside.

4-Dream with the rule and stain

Dreaming of the rule and staining means announces that a spiritual purification will be taking place in you that will represent considerable changes in the environment. The universe is warning you about this event so that it does not come to you abruptly causing adverse side effects.

Seeing menstrual period spots in a dream can also mean that you are not allowing emotional purification to occur correctly within you. You must believe, because as much as divine help wants to give you a hand so that you can get rid of all that evil that torments you; you won’t be able to do it if you don’t believe it first.


As we could see , dreaming about the rule does not have exactly negative meanings in any of the aspects, since it rather symbolizes the internal purification that is happening in our being; with the purpose of placing us in a stage of spiritual healing, which allows the passage of all those positive energies, which want to reach us to help us achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

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