What does it mean to dream about tickets? 15 dream interpretations

As in the case of most dreams related to money ; Dreaming of banknotes is usually a pleasant experience. Unless we realize that they are fake or that they are worthless. We all like to be full of money, even in dreams. But there is bad news; Dreaming of money does not mean that we are going to be millionaires.

In fact it has a very opposite meaning to that. If in our dream we see bills, it simply means that economic difficulties are approaching. But if we remember the exact amount it indicates that it is likely that we will soon lose that amount.

    If, for example, we think of buying something that is worth 158 pesos, euros, dollars or yen and in the dream we see exactly the same amount, it means that it is better not to buy it, since it may be of poor quality and in the end it will not be useful to us.

Banknotes in our dreams mean money problems, therefore. If the bills are from another country, it means that those problems come from something or someone from the country that the bills you dreamed of represent.

What does it mean to dream of tickets? 15 dream interpretations

dream of banknotes

Tickets in dreams indicate that the economic future of the dreamer is going to come crashing down. Due to the decrease in the profits of some business that represents almost all of its stability. However, this dream can have different environments that lead to different meanings.

For this reason, we have prepared for you a series of interpretations of the most common dreams related to tickets. To help you find the exact meaning of your dream. You must remember all the details; because each of them plays an important role in the analysis:

1-Dream of counterfeit bills

Dreaming of counterfeit bills means that you insist on believing that your economic situation is bad. You do not settle for anything and always want more. However, this affects your emotional stability because what your mind perceives is what your body reflects.

You can’t be happy despite everything you have. But I tell you that everything is mental; you just have to change your way of thinking and you will realize everything you have and what you can achieve with it.

2-Dream of new bills

Dreaming of new bills announces great economic losses. Your whole future is going to come crashing down sooner than you think. You have invested in a dirty business without realizing it.

There is a very well planned trap you have fallen into. I tell you that this bad decision has its roots starting, that is; It wasn’t long ago that you took it.

3-Dream with bills and coins

Dreams where bills and coins appear together indicate that you are going to make a bad investment that could be leaving you in ruin. This dream is a warning that you should take better care of the way you invest your money, since you could lose much more than you win.

4-Dream of folded bills

If you see folded bills in a dream , it indicates that your stability is on a tightrope. Your projects are in sudden death and you haven’t noticed. The truth is that you keep making bad decisions that damage more and more what your spine means economically. It’s a matter of time before all the mistakes surface and you have to start from scratch.

5-Dream of old bills

Old bills in dreams indicate that you run your business in an outdated way. You refuse to accept that your techniques are no longer viable for the development of projects that are carried out today. You must open yourself to new possibilities, because your stubbornness is going to destroy everything for which you have fought until now.

6-Dreaming of lottery tickets

Lottery tickets in dreams do not indicate that you are going to be lucky and become a millionaire from one moment to the next. A ticket from one or more of the lotteries suggests that you are trying your luck with a project.

You are not acting wisely because your aspirations blind you to reality. This dream could also be telling you that you are going to lose a lot of money so be careful with that.

7-Dream of old bills

Old bills in dreams suggest outdated ways of managing finances. You will be having many economic problems and these will be because you insist on living in the past.

Maybe you’re managing an inheritance or something the same way your parents did. You must remember that they lived in other times and there were not the same requirements, nor the same demands as now.

8-Dream of wet bills

Dreaming of wet bills means that someone is going to help you better manage your investments. In the next few days you will be beginning to materialize truly effective ideas for your advancement.

Perhaps you are having some economic problems, but everything will be resolved, because the universe is moving the energies in your favor; to purify your thoughts and clean everything that you may have done wrong.

9-Dreaming of foreign bills

If you see foreign banknotes in a dream you should not do business with people from another country. You could be falling into a trap with businesses that look promising, but will cause your business to take a nosedive. Beware of a long-distance scam or contracts of dubious origin.

10-Dream with cut bills

Dreaming of cut bills means that you will solve a problem before it affects you. Perhaps someone is going to want to trick you into putting your money on a platter and then losing it. But you will be able to realize it thanks to your intelligence, and you will come out of the situation very well.

11-Dream with green bills

Dreams with green bills turn the meaning of the dream, since the color green means peace and growth. Therefore, green tickets indicate that there will be great economic progress that will bring a lot of peace to your family.

12-Dream with big bills

Dreams where large bills appear are a very bad omen. These dreams indicate that there will be considerable money losses, because you are going to give all your trust to a project that does not have good foundations.

If you have had this dream, do not invest in anything for at least a month and when you are going to do it, take care of all the details.

13-Dream of old and dirty bills

Dreaming of old and dirty bills indicates that some businesses that have come into your hands have been executed in an erroneous way. Perhaps it is an inheritance that you have just acquired and you have nothing to do with it. But in the same way the repercussions are going to fall on you.

The most advisable thing in this case will be to pay off the debts left by the old owners and start from scratch by doing things honestly and intelligently.

14-Dream with buried bills

Dreaming of buried bills indicates that you are hiding some flaws or dirty things that you have done to get to where you are now. That has caused your life to be in a full restlessness that is affecting your actions.

Perhaps you are the one who gives you away to others; because your conscience will not leave you alone until you redeem yourself.

15-Dreaming of thrown bills

Dreaming of bills thrown away and that you pick them up indicates that you will be getting into a big problem that will be affecting your finances. If instead you just see them and leave them there; Perhaps very soon it will be a family member of yours who is drowning in a situation and needs your help.


Dreams with bills in general predict economic losses. But the reality of the circumstances is revealed by the dream setting . This experience is caused by our subconscious, to help us find the best way to face circumstances and overcome them.

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