What does it mean to dream about time travel

What does it mean to dream of time travel

Dreaming of traveling through time is often the reflection of our imagination, which overflows with the desire to know. You may be feeling that you do not fit into the time and circumstances, that your thoughts are from another era.

This is a dream that you have many times when you have seen a science fiction movie, or a program that talks about it. And you are curious to know what it would be like to be in a different time period.

Time travel, whether to the past or the future, refers to your own actions that you did or want to do. These actions are in a different time than the one you are in, and that distinguish you from others.

Time travel often means the desire to fix the things you let go, or to become a better version of yourself. Analyze how your situation is, if you feel satisfied with what you want and have achieved.

You must pay close attention to the details and events in your dream, and how they relate to your actions in the present. Because those details will give you clarity to know what that dream means to you.

Traveling to another time different from the one you are in tells you that you are dissatisfied with the moment you are living. You feel that you are living a life that has nothing to do with you, try to maintain a flexible dialogue so as not to hurt anyone at this stage.

It is a very different dream from dreaming of traveling to another country , because here it may be the same place, but your thoughts will be from another era. Try to reflect before committing or assuming long-term responsibilities, before clarifying your thoughts.

dream of traveling to the past

This dream where you travel to the past means that you feel worried about some situations in your present. That is, some frustrations in your life, you consider them consequences of past mistakes.

You feel the desire to turn back time to do something that you regret not having done, or not committing some actions that were mistakes for you. It reflects your regret for bad decisions that you want to change.

Dream of traveling to the past accompanied

It is a dream that tells you that you want to be the same as before, to recover someone who left your side. You feel afraid of being alone, be careful because you know that something is wrong and if you don’t accept it, you won’t solve it.

You may have hurt someone in the past and you want to change things with that person, because you miss them. It may be impossible to change things, but you could try to improve, even if it means more sacrifice.

dream of traveling to the future

Having this dream reflects your curiosity to know what will happen in the future, with all your plans and projects. You want to know how the world evolves and what your environment will be like, what will happen to your loved ones and friends.

It also reflects the fear of some sudden changes that have been taking place in recent times. You also feel fear that your decisions have not been the most successful, you fear failure, it is better to think before acting.

Dream of traveling to the future accompanied

Who wouldn’t want to know what the future holds for them, especially if you’ll be with the person you want. That is why this dream shows your anxiety to know if that relationship, society or simple friendship that is beginning is going to work.

So try to do things right, and take advantage of that imagination to find mechanisms that optimize your life. Put aside pessimism and anguish over what could go wrong, start enjoying what you have and others will catch on with you

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