Dream about train or locomotive

Dreaming of a train can have many meanings and all the details of the dream must be taken into account when interpreting it:

If you dream that you are traveling on a train, it means self-confidence in all aspects, positive conclusion of your ongoing business, your life will go in a straight line, you will feel rewarded for your efforts.

If you have any pending lawsuit or litigation, it will be ruled in your favor.

A train or a locomotive is often one of the most intricate dreams: it is as if you are involved in a reality over which you have no control. The train, in fact, is a symbol of change, the desire to escape from the life you are living to make new experiences and finally feel fulfilled.

If the train is one of the most used means of transport to make a trip, in the world of dreams it symbolizes an inner journey within our mind.

The train can be a difficult dream to interpret and as each element has a specific and personal meaning for those who dream it.


dream of traveling by train

It could also be that you have to receive news, some unforeseen events can alter your family relationships, you will have to adapt according to the unforeseen events that appear.

Dream of a moving train

It means that you will have to make a trip soon.

Dreaming that you are traveling on a train that is going very slowly and there are no tracks or off the tracks

It means you will feel very concerned about an issue, which can bring many benefits to your life.

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If you have a nightmare and the train derails

It is a bad omen, since it announces a misfortune.

If you dream that you are getting off a train

It is a good omen, it tells you that you are reaching your goal.

If you dream that you are on a stationary train

It means that you will experience obstacles, delays and problems in your business.

If you dream that you miss a train

It alerts you to your competitors and alerts you to stay awake, so you can tackle whatever comes your way.

If you dream of freight trains

It augurs changes, which could be very profitable for you.

To dream that you are on a sleeping car train and you are sleeping in one of the top bunks, means that you will go on a trip with someone you do not like.

To others, it will make you spend your time and money, for nothing.

You will feel that you could have spent it on other more profitable things for your life, and you will try to avoid the trip.

The train is a vehicle that allows long trips to be made more economically than others (going alone by car on the motorway is more expensive).

Thanks to the investment of the locomotive, today we can change course in a matter of hours. There are people who take it frequently, every day for business trips.

Others are going to buy a ticket and that is why a dream of trains is justified.

On the other hand, there are those who think of them while sleeping completely spontaneously and do not know why.

In thiarticle I explain in detail what it means to dream about a train.

But before you start, you should know that in order to find the right meaning, it is essential to take into account the context that originated the subconscious for the dream, as well as your own personal situation in which you find yourself.

And this is important because logically, it does not have the same oneiric meaning to dream of passing trains as a symbol of nostalgia, as traveling inside at high speed (routine stress) or a train that derails as fear of death.


The journey itself encloses an inner path in the self, if this trip is made by train it also indicates vitality, independence, new encounters .

If then we dream of driving a train , our subconscious wants us to take charge of a particular situation that we will face.

Even some scholars of the mind have stopped at the meaning of dreaming of a train.  Junk , for example, argued that the locomotive represented a person’s way of moving in everyday life, highlighting social behavior and interpersonal attitudes with their peers.

Freud , father of psychoanalysis, affirmed the close relationship between dreaming of a train and sexual success in married life, an element of satisfaction and health of the couple.

Other interpretations and symbols of trains

If you are sitting in front of some tracks and you see trains passing by, it represents nostalgia for a lived era. Do you miss childhood? Maybe a family member?

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It is important that you delve into your feelings to clarify a dream interpretation, because only then will you know why you contemplate how this means of transport passes over and over again in front of you.

If you dream of derailed or derailed trains

It is interpreted that you are going through moments of uncertainty.

You don’t know which way to go in some area of ​​your life and that’s why they go off the rails.

  • Was I in the wrong profession?
  • Did I choose the job I like or should I change?
  • Have I taken the right direction for my business?

Unsure of your bearings, your subconscious evokes images of you derailing a train.

If you ride a train moving to the horizon

  1. Whether old or new, it means everything is running smoothly.
  2. You feel happy and live in a period of constant tranquility.
  3. For me, this is one of the dreams that woke me up more rested.
  4. I could contemplate the landscape from the window in my seat, the mountains and the lakes that I was finding.
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Dream about a bullet train

That it leaves could be associated with the stress mentioned above, or because you are a lover of technology and speed, you love to go fast and before reaching the stations you expect it to reach more than 350 km/h.

When we dream of two trains colliding

It means that you are not happy about some recent event.

Perhaps a clash between friends, a couple’s argument, a girl from relatives. Learn more by reading what it means to dream of arguing.

If the trains are old

It means that you have been having a bad time for a long time.

To end the discomfort, I suggest you talk about your problems and work things out with the right people.


It may happen that you dream of a train placed in particular situations and with some contour elements. Let’s see what they represent:

  1. Taking the train – represents the personal success of a person, the ability to achieve a goal.
  2. Missing the train : on the contrary, it represents the loss of important opportunities, both in the labor field and in the sentimental field; not having adequate resources to do what one wanted. Dreaming of arriving late at the station and not being able to stop the train indicates the wrong way in which you are managing the possibilities that are offered to us.
  3. Train leaving : dreaming of a train leaving represents a new adventure that you are going to face.
  4. Incoming Train : On the other hand, this dream is the premonition of incoming news, just like the train.
  5. Getting off at a wrong stop – Indicates indecision in a specific situation when getting off before the train leaves is the classic rethinking of the action you were about to take.
  6. Getting off at the right stop : Instead, it is the arrival point you have always wanted, the end of a path with the achievement of the set goal.
  7. Steam Train – To dream of this type of train, suggests that you are feeling a bit old-fashioned but still energetic.
  8. Electric Train – Dreaming of a high-speed train could indicate the efficiency with which we carry out all of our daily actions.
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  1. Crowded train : represents a suffocating sentimental or family situation that needs to be relieved.
  2. Empty train : lack of affection, away from family affections.
  3. Couple who enters a car that is not theirs : the fear of being abandoned at the moment of greatest difficulty.
  4. Partner getting off the train : This person is not ready to commit if you dream that he will leave us alone on the train.


Then we also find the bloodiest dreams that have a train as the protagonist and with it its meanings:

  1. Being killed by a train – Represents a failure, something going wrong with what we planned.
  2. Railway disaster : A derailed train is a representation of a sentimental crisis that we cannot resolve.
  3. A Crashing Train – Represents the speed with which we approach a situation, hurtling headfirst into everything life has in store for us.

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