Trees symbolize protection, stability, abundance and growth as well as progress. Of course, the type of tree, its appearance and the rest of the elements and situations that occur in the dream will personalize the meaning much more.

Dream that you are quietly under a tree

If you dream that you are peacefully under a tree, it means that you are prepared to make decisions , make changes in your life or move towards your goals. This dream augurs stability, good sense in the decisions and actions that you must carry out, but at the same time it represents your wisdom and experience in life.

Dream that you protect yourself under a tree

Dream that you protect yourself from the rain or a storm

If you dream that you protect yourself from the rain or a storm under a tree, it means that you are afraid to make a decision , risk throwing yourself towards what you want or need. It is likely that you do not know how to take advantage of a good opportunity.

Dream that you protect yourself from the sun

If you dream that you protect yourself under a tree from the sun, it represents your lack of security , the lack of confidence that you have in yourself, the lack of confidence to do certain things, to make decisions or to act on your own. This dream also speaks of what you hide from others, of your true personality that you do not show to everyone in the same way.

Dream that you touch a tree

If you dream that you touch the tree, its trunk, its bark is a good omen of stability, strength and security in everything you are going to experience or carry out.

  • If you dream that you climb a tree it is a very good omen and here it is announcing triumph, success, progress and progress.
  • If you dream that you are on top of a tree and the branches are strong and large , it represents your stability, the solidity of your projects and decisions. However, if the branches are weak, it means that you are in a very fragile and unstable situation.
  • If you dream that you fall from a tree, it is the warning regarding the consequences that are going to occur on matters of the past. It is likely that you will have to face the results of your decisions or actions long ago.
  • If you dream that you tear off part of the bark or write on the trunk of a tree with a sharp object , it means that you are going to have some difficulty or harm in the affairs that you are carrying out.

Dream of big or giant trees

Dreaming of very large or giant, leafy and strong trees represents stability in your environment, the fidelity of your friends, family and the immediate environment.

If you hug a large or giant tree it is a good omen, it announces strokes of luck, prosperity , good news and success in the projects with the goals you are currently pursuing. Having this dream is the harbinger of a time of balance and well-being for you.

Dream of fruit trees

If you dream of trees full of fruit or fruits, it is a wonderful prediction. In this case, the dream is telling you that there is a very buoyant and positive time for work, love, the economy, business or studies. This dream is the announcement of improvements in your personal, sentimental, economic or professional life.

If in the dream you pick the fruits or the fruit of the tree, it means that everything good that comes to you will be due to your effort, work or the decisions you have made.

If the fruit is rotten or in poor condition, it means that even if there is good news or improvements in your life, you will probably have to pay a high price for it.

Dream of dry trees without leaves

If you dream of dry trees, lifeless, without leaves with bare branches, it is a harbinger of economic scarcity, stagnation of the progress you are having. This dream announces a time of narrowness and little growth.

If you dream that you break or uproot a dry branch, it announces bad luck, loss of hope regarding any matter at hand and portends energy blockage around you.

If you dream that you hug a dry tree without leaves, it means that you will receive bad news regarding something or someone important to you.

To dream that you climb or are on top of a dry and leafless tree means that you are taking the wrong path. It is likely that you are betting on something or someone that will not lead you to anything good.

If you dream that you fall from a dry or leafless tree, it means that you are going to save yourself from a bad situation, that before it is too late you are going to react or through someone or something that happens you are going to get rid of misfortune.

Dream about trees with green leaves

If you dream of a tree with green and living leaves, it means that you are reaching a time of economic prosperity, abundance, professional or business changes and it can also be in the family or in the couple. It is the announcement of important growth for you in one or more areas of your life.

Dreaming of trees with yellow or dry leaves

On the contrary, if you dream of a tree that has leaves but they are yellow or dry, it means that difficult times are approaching for the economy, for work or business or family decisions.

Dream of trees with birds

If you dream of a tree in which there are birds perched or nested, it is an indication of good fortune, luck, success and abundance in general for you. It is a good time to make decisions or undertake new projects.

If the birds are black, it is the omen of envy, deception, falsehood and unfair competition around you.

Dreaming of trees with flowers

Dreaming of a tree full of flowers means the same as when we dream of a tree full of fruit or fruits, which begins for you a more prosperous and fertile path in every way, but especially in love, feelings and relationships with others. the rest. You will have to look for the meaning of the specific flower that appears on the tree to further specify the meaning.

If they are flowers that you cannot distinguish or of various colors , you already know that it is an omen of success, happiness, stability and growth in general, but especially in the emotional field.

If you pick one or several flowers from the tree , it means that everything good that you are going to experience, that everything that is going to occur in your life will be due to your own intervention, your actions and your effort.

Dream of cut trees

If you dream that you see cut or felled trees, it is a bad omen, since it announces a cut or a separation or a break in the professional, personal, family or love sphere.

If it is you who cuts or fells the tree, it means that your decisions, acts and behavior will be solely responsible for the dire consequences that result.

Dream of fallen trees

If you dream of fallen trees, it means that you must be attentive or attentive to everything you do, everything you say or everything you do, since at some point you could make a mistake or make a mistake harming yourself and other people.

Dream of uprooted trees

If you dream that you see trees or a tree uprooted, it means that you are going to experience a very big change or transformation, either because you are going to move to another place, because you are going to break a friendly, family or sentimental relationship, because you are going to to change jobs… This dream announces a change that will greatly modify your life or some aspect of it.

If there is someone very sick in your environment, having this dream could be the omen of the outcome of that situation.

dream of burning trees

Dreaming of a burning tree, on fire or that is burning represents the tensions, the difficulties that you are going through. You may be living a tortuous, clandestine or very passionate relationship but at the same time you are suffering and each time that suffering is increasing . Fire represents the end of that stage, the need to make drastic decisions and put an end once and for all to that situation that torments or harms you.

If it is you who burns the tree in the dream, it means that you are creating your own misfortune, that being aware or not being aware, you are entering a very dangerous terrain.

Dream of a tree struck by lightning

This dream warns about possible confrontations, discussions or disputes with one or more people around you. Also in many cases it announces an unexpected accident or an unfortunate event that causes some kind of setback, damage or negative consequence.

Dream of Christmas trees

Dreaming of a Christmas tree, with decorations, lights… announces a stage of serenity, peace and tranquility. Having this dream when you are worried or concerned about something for someone is a good omen, as it heralds the completion of those concerns by the resolution of the problem at hand.

Dream of colored trees

The color that predominates in the tree will also be decisive to direct its meaning.

  • Dreaming of yellow trees is associated with deception, lies, manipulation and negative energies.
  • Dreaming of green trees is related to wealth, hope, strength and prosperity.
  • Dreaming of white trees is associated with liberation, purity, peace, and well-being.
  • Dreaming of black trees is associated with sadness, anguish, worry, pessimistic and negative thoughts.
  • Dreaming of blue trees is related to positive energies, dreams, good news and harmony.
  • Dreaming of red trees is related to feelings of love, passion, sensuality and carnal desires.

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