What does it mean to dream about trembling? 8 dream interpretations

Dreaming of tremor can be frightening; seeing doors, windows and buildings shake with a trembling sound is usually not a very pleasant experience to say, much less if you witness terrified people running away or something. Yes, dreaming of an earthquake can be worrying, the replica of this dream can make you think about what it means.

In Greek mythology, a tremor was often believed to be a sign that God was restless, that it was spiritually connected to an expression of anger. Actually, tremors occur due to geological phenomena, these occur when there is a hidden force that breaks within the earth, and a million tremors occur every year and every few minutes, but they are too weak to notice.

Dreaming of a tremor can indicate that you are suffering from a detachment or a chaotic moment in life. The Earth’s crust is divided into six plates and they float on top of a liquid, moving back and forth. Sometimes these colloidal plates and the pressure create a tremor. The dream of an earthquake is connected to a subconscious fear that induces your own consciousness.

You are warned about sudden changes, which will deviate from the rhythm of your life. Having dreamed of an earthquake, you need to trust your courage and to some extent make small changes, maybe even start over from the beginning. Sometimes a tremor indicates a character change that you don’t actually understand and that needs to be interpreted correctly.

What does it mean to dream of trembling? 8 dream interpretations

Possible consequences of an earthquake

Experiencing the vibration or dynamics of a tremor in a dream indicates that you are having a series of thoughts, emotions, and actions at the moment. Typically, a tremor appears when pressure exceeds one’s perceived ability to cope. Each of us is unique and our genetic predispositions allow us to suffer or cope with stress.

However, the dream is not always negative. It could also mean that you have the right challenge and excitement to accomplish a goal. The key to managing what comes your way is to balance your life and workload. Predicting an earthquake in a dream can indicate that you will be ready for a new opportunity in the future.

There are many scenarios that could be presenting in a dream with tremors, for this reason we have prepared for you below a series of the most common interpretations about dreaming with tremors:

1-Dream with a strong tremor

The intensity of the tremor is also important to consider. Dreaming of a strong tremor that caused a lot of damage, indicates how a situation can improve, it may mean that you are not sure of the way to go, but in the end everything will work out. If the tremor was very strong in your dream, you will find that path faster than you imagine.

2-Dreaming of an earth tremor

Dreaming of an earth tremor symbolizes that you will be losing stability or receiving a shock in your life. Maybe you will be breaking up with someone you love very much, you will be facing a divorce or you will lose your job soon. Either way, experiencing a tremor in your dream state reflects the difficulties you are currently facing in your real life.

If you felt the tremor in the dream , it could point to you feeling overwhelmed in your day to day life. Maybe you feel insecure? Alternatively, feeling a tremor in a dream means that you are going through a difficult time. Or maybe you met someone special who dominates your thoughts.

3-Dream of tremor and tsunami

Dreaming of an earthquake and a tsunami means that your pressure will be such that you will not be able to control it and it could be causing a disaster in your life that you will be tempted to run away from. The most advisable thing at this time will be to learn to remain calm in order to find strategies to solve problems so that they do not manage to take more and more ground.

Remember that a tremor is telling you that there is something that is not right in your life! You must change something, there is something that is worrying you too much and the tsunami for its part is coming to take away all that toxic waste and purify your environment. Therefore these two events together undoubtedly represent changes.

4-Dream with a long tremor

Dreaming of a long tremor is a sign of concern for the health of a close friend or family member, perhaps you feel guilty for having distanced yourself from that person at the time when they needed you most and the voice of your conscience is convulsing you through of this dream because it is necessary that you reach out your hand quickly. But if the tremor is short, it means that you are nervous and irritable.

5-Dream of an earthquake in the house

Dreaming of an earthquake in the house means that you have lost control of your home; you feel unbalanced, pressured and you can’t find a way to exercise your power without appearing to be an authoritarian and excessively rational person. This dream could also be telling you that irregular situations are taking place within your home that are not of your approval and you should investigate further what happens when you are not present.

5-Dream with a slight tremor

Dreaming of a slight tremor means that there are situations in your life that do not make you feel very comfortable, but you turn a blind eye to them. However, your subconscious is warning you that you should pay more attention to it, since these little things are damaging you little by little without you realizing it and they grow as time goes by.

6-Dream of tremor and tidal wave

Dreaming of tremor and tidal wave indicates that your life is going to begin to change. The universe is going to convulse you so that you become aware of something that is not correct in your environment, perhaps at one point you feel very afraid and want to run away, but this is not what you should do; You will have to face this problem and solve it once and for all, so that you receive the gifts that will be waiting for you at the end of the tunnel.

7-Dreaming of tremor and death

Dreaming of trembling and death indicates that you are going to find a problem that is going to knock you down, but that is also going to give you a new opportunity. You know what people say; “Every ending is a new beginning.” No matter how unpleasant the experience is, you will learn something useful from it. In addition, you will have the opportunity to start over.

Seeing corpses in a dream where a tremor appears can relate to the fact that you need to feel that people can help you. Maybe you feel lost or hurt and you need someone to tell you that everything will be okay. In dreams, this can symbolize the consequences of a challenge in life to obtain everything you have always wanted.

8-dream of cracks in the ground during an earthquake

Seeing cracks in the ground during your tremor dream foretells an upcoming disaster in real life. Maybe you put an end to a problem. If you are experiencing difficulties at work, school, university or with a family member, it could also be the reason why you are seeing cracks in the ground in a dream. Soil represents stability, firmness and fertility. And to see the cracks in the ground in your dream means the loss of stability or losing something that you thought you would never lose.


Dreaming of tremor has a lot to do with the emotions of stress and pressure that we are experiencing in daily life, but they also announce changes that will come to our environment to make it a pleasant environment for us. This dream is a warning from the subconscious mind, which helps us to be able to face situations more calmly and know how to handle the changes to which they transport us.

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