Trucks, like automobiles or cars, represent in the world of dreams the arrival of a new stage, new opportunities, but being cargo vehicles, heavy vehicles reflect that change, new opportunity or new stage you are not going to start with empty hands but you start with a load, an inheritance that you drag that can be positive or also negative.

Dream that you drive a truck

If you dream that you drive a truck, it means that you are going to start a new stage in your life that will lead to an important evolution, but it is likely that in front of this new stage that opens before you, you are transporting a series of loads that could slow down or hinder your progress. part of that evolution. Therefore, it is important that you remember if in the dream the truck you are driving is loaded or, on the contrary, it is empty.

Dream that you are traveling in a truck

Dreaming that you travel in a truck as a passenger in the cabin or with the cargo it transports means that without intending to and due to the decisions or actions of other people you are going to experience a change or transition that you have not chosen and that you may not be aware of. convinced or convinced

Dream of a very big truck

Dreaming of a very large or giant truck represents the magnitude of the opportunity that you are about to live and take advantage of to improve, change or transform your life or a part of it. This dream portends the realization in your life of a very convenient change.

Dream of a truck loaded with merchandise

Dreaming of a truck loaded with merchandise will determine the ballast that you carry with you in your new life, in that new opportunity or in that new stage. This burden or ballast can be positive, such as the experience gained, the ability to overcome, confidence… but it can also be negative, such as fear, toxic people, unresolved emotions, wounds, insecurity…

Therefore, you will have to observe the merchandise that the truck is transporting in order to fully analyze the meaning. I recommend that you look for the interpretation of that merchandise in order to be able to specify its meaning even more.

Dream about a truck accident

When you dream of a truck accident, it means that there is going to be conflict around you, in this new stage that opens before you, probably because you are not taking the correct steps in the process, because you have chosen the wrong path or because the load that you carry with you causes that conflict or those conflicts.

Dream of a damaged truck

If you dream of a damaged, broken or old truck, it means that for reasons beyond your control you will not be able to consolidate the change you want or you will not be able to reach your goal at the moment. It is likely that this dream is the warning that allows you to understand that it is not the time and that you should wait for more favorable conditions.

Dream of an overturned truck

Dreaming of an overturned truck with spilled merchandise symbolizes your overcoming of those problems that are preventing you from advancing or concretizing your plans and projects. However, this dream also reflects a delay in that achievement since you will have to put a certain part of your life in order before returning to the fight.

Dream of a burning truck

If you dream of a truck burning in flames, this symbolizes the dangers involved in the change that you are starting or that you have already put in your life, you may not have gotten the consequences of that situation or stage in which you are going to get involved or in which you have already been involved.

Dream of a flying truck

Dreaming of trucks that fly or are flying is a wonderful omen, as it represents the overcoming of obstacles, the fact that time is rushing to reach your destination and even reflects the freedom or lightness with which you carry out this journey. so special.

Dream of a garbage truck

If you dream of the garbage truck it means that before making decisions, carrying out actions you must free yourself from old painful feelings, from responsibilities that do not belong to you or from different emotions, people or situations so that in this way you can move forward positively.

Dream of a moving truck

Dreaming of a moving truck symbolizes the new beginning that you will have the opportunity to live that will allow you to leave behind what does not interest you or does not serve you and take with you what is truly valuable and useful for you and for your new life.

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