Dream about tsunami

Waking up after a tsunami dream, people are unsettled and disturbed by having seen huge waves. But the truth is that you don’t necessarily have to worry, since dreaming of a tsunami can also be a positive dream. Everything will depend on how things happen in our dream. A tsunami dream represents what is happening around us, our conscious, subconscious and our emotions.

Dreaming of a tsunami predicts that we will soon have a great change in our lives, everything will change very quickly and unexpectedly. This great change that we will undergo can be very promising or very discouraging, but we must be alert for when it happens. Also a tsunami in the dream represents the concerns of everyday life.

Dreaming of a tsunami that we see from the beach

If we are on the beach and see a tsunami, it indicates that we need to take a break from our routine.

Dream in which you are in a hotel and a tsunami arrives

If in the dream we are in a hotel and a tsunami comes, then it indicates that we are going to move, but the move will bring with it many problems and stress.

Dream about tsunami after earthquake

This type of dream means that we have a lot of accumulated negativity. We need to be more positive and leave the bad behind in order to move forward. If no earthquake generates a tsunami, then this dream shows that we are totally self-destructive people, and all those bad thoughts only achieve inner frustrations and fury.

Survive the tsunami that drags us

It reflects that we are very afraid and insecure about changes, but this dream shows us that in the end we have to be calm because everything will end well. It also predicts great changes that are about to come to our lives, and these changes will be positive. If a person who is looking for a job in real life dreams that he manages to survive the tsunami, it indicates that he will get the job that he has dreamed of for years.

Dreaming of a tsunami that does not harm us

If the tsunami passes without harming us, it shows spiritual cleanliness and paths opening up before us. It reminds us that all bad things pass and new opportunities are born. It may be that right now we are feeling sad or depressed.

See the sun after a tsunami

This dream reminds us to relax and put stress aside. After all the storms the sun rises, things calm down and peace and harmony come to our lives.

Calm sea after a tsunami

If the sea remains calm after the passage of a tsunami, it indicates that the bad things are already in the past. From now on there will be happiness and calm in our life.

Dream about tsunami destroying city

A city being washed away by a tsunami indicates that we have many suppressed emotions. We feel that we are alone, that no one pays attention to us or loves us as we deserve.

Being caught in a tsunami

If we remain trapped and unable to get out throughout the dream, it means that we could soon be in danger.

Dreaming of a tsunami from which we flee or escape

If in the dream we run, but we are still reached by the tsunami, it alerts us that we will lose work, friends or family. All this because of our bad attitude. Trying to escape a tsunami by car, boat or car shows that we will have a sudden change in work.

save someone during tsunami

If a person throws us a life preserver in the middle of a tsunami and we are saved, it shows that the problems we have at the moment we will overcome with someone’s help. This person can be a family member, a friend, or a stranger. When in the dream we save other people from the tsunami, it indicates that we are seeking help from someone. We want to overcome the problems that afflict us.

What is dreaming of surfing in a tsunami?

Dreaming of a tsunami and seeing that we are surfing in it, indicates that we are very balanced between our emotions and reason. That makes us know how to balance family well with work.

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