The tunnel is the communication channel between two points, it can be dark and gloomy as well as well lit, it can be shorter or longer… In short, dreaming of a tunnel represents the beginning of something new or the continuation of something that in his moment was paralyzed.

If the tunnel smells bad or there are rats, rubbish or is in poor condition it means that you will have to overcome important barriers to achieve your wishes.

If, on the other hand, the tunnel looks good , it means that your path will be easier than you thought.

Dream of a dark tunnel

If you dream of a dark tunnel, with little lighting or without any lighting, this describes how you feel before a new challenge that begins for you, before the possibility of carrying out some undertaking or project or before the possibility of resuming a situation that was stagnant at the time. However, the dream invites you to go through the tunnel and face your fears.

Dream of a tunnel with no exit

When you dream of a tunnel that has no exit, it means that what you have undertaken, you are going to undertake will probably not lead you anywhere, either because of its null viability or because of the negative consequences it could have, therefore it is a warning dream.

Dream about exiting a tunnel

Dreaming of exiting a tunnel is a very positive dream since it announces the birth of something new and prosperous, you will have to pay attention to what you see when you exit the tunnel since it will be closely related to everything you are going to experience.

On the other hand, this dream represents the end of a process that leads you to an important prize or goal.

dream about train tunnel

Dreaming of a train tunnel reflects that the new project, stage that you are going to start or have already started will be very stable and safe and will provide you with emotional, personal, economic or professional balance.

Dream about a tunnel on the road

When you dream of a tunnel in the road, it means that you must make one last effort or solve one last problem before reaching your goal or objective.

The length of the tunnel and what you feel in it will be the reflection of that effort or problem that you will have to overcome.

Dream about a tunnel under the ground

If you dream of a tunnel under the ground, it means that you will have to use your communication skills to solve a tricky issue, to understand someone or to reach a profitable agreement.

Dream of a water tunnel

Dreaming of a water tunnel symbolizes the strength of your decisions, of your actions, in short, it represents your strength when it comes to achieving a certain goal. It is therefore a restorative dream, which helps you believe in yourself, to recover hope and enthusiasm for your purposes.

Dream of a tunnel of trees

If you dream of a tunnel of trees it means that you must reconnect with your essence, with your roots to get where you want to go. Probably in your life you have forgotten certain essential aspects that are part of you and that you need to value to continue growing.

dream about narrow tunnel

If you dream of a narrow or very narrow tunnel, it means that you are wasting your abilities, that you are not doing everything on your part to reach the goal, to achieve the best results. This dream tells you that you should try even harder.

Dream that you are trapped or trapped in a tunnel

Dreaming that you are trapped or trapped in a tunnel represents the difficulties you are facing in your current life, probably because you are going through a difficult stage, you should not give up, on the contrary, you should fight with all your might, keeping in mind that you will get out of that situation. , that you will come out of that tunnel.

Dream that you live in a tunnel

If you dream that you live in a tunnel, it means that you have resigned yourself to live in a certain situation, that you do not dare to leave there, either out of fear, comfort, lack of confidence, but deep down you do not feel happy.

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