What does it mean to dream about urinating

What does it mean to dream of urinating

Peeing will always be a way to cleanse the body. Nature is very wise and has endowed us humans and animals with this function that allows our systems to function properly.

Urine is a liquid waste of the body and must come out of it to rid us of toxins. This act is very intimate, even though we all do it. But this is not why it is done publicly. There is a lot of modesty and that is why it is done in private in the bathroom.

The accumulated emotions flow through the urine. If we act badly or if we suffer, the body needs to drain that negative charge. It is clearly renovation. To urinate is to start a cycle again.

Psychology has dedicated research to this topic, so we are going to analyze what it means to dream of urinatingFreud has pointed out that this dream takes the dreamer back to childhood and adolescence when sexual interests began in us.

The sphincters must be strengthened so that they can be controlled and urine does not come out involuntarily. In some cultures urine is considered a sacred element, they have even conferred healing qualities on it.

Dream of urinating. I want

You are at a point where you want to let off steam and drain your life of issues that bother you or cause you discomfort . You would like to turn the page and start a new story. It is very possible that you live mired in some tedious situation that really disturbs you, in any context in which you operate. This weakens you and you are making it conscious. That is why you have begun to feel the compelling desire to change radically.

You dream that you urinate in a bathroom

The bathroom is the appropriate place to urinate, so if you have dreamed that you are urinating there, do not be distressed because what this dream tells you is that you want to purify yourself of some toxic matter that is in your immediate environment. You require decision making for it, and you will achieve it. Peeing in the bathroom is a sign of going exactly where it belongs to get rid of problems .

You urinate in the wrong place

This is not right, something is not being properly resolved. You have taken the path that generally leads to failure. From this dream try to think about the actions you are doing, surely you will find that you are totally out of place and if you continue along that path, you will not get good results.

Dream that you are urinating in public 

Perhaps in that desire to be very spontaneous, you forget that your personal affairs should not be aired publicly . You should be more reserved with your things. You talk too much about your stuff with everyone, not knowing if these people care about your story. Withdraw a bit and stop being so talkative that it is even very annoying to others.

Dream that you drink your urine

You are in a process in your life of understanding about your own mysteries. You investigate yourself and look for answers . You want many things to flow in your daily life. You want to cleanse yourself deeply.

Difficult or painful urination

You are having a hard time releasing emotions that have you constrained and mistreat you. The negative memories that you would like to get out of your mind, do not want to stop appearing, their recurrence weakens you and even makes it impossible. You are rebellious in a positive sense and you try to fight against what disturbs you, but you cannot win.

You are denying yourself some emotions and that keeps you in a kind of helplessness. You can not move because you are predisposed and you close the possibilities . Your emotional restlessness is very striking.

Something obstructs your affairs , perhaps it is you yourself because of so many prejudices you have. Your intimacy is affected by this tendency of your personality. In short, you must evaluate internally, how you are acting and let change flow.

Dream that you urinate blood

Currently there are situations that distress and overwhelm you . This generates an obvious tiredness that affects you in your daily activities. You are stopped and you do not advance. Anxiety is gaining ground in your life and does not let you look at options.

This dream also reveals that you are facing an environment where fights and arguments are common. The relationship with relatives is very weak and if you have childrenthere may be breaks in communication with them. In your circle of friends, the same thing can happen, separations are yet to come.

You will need a long time to heal the wounds caused in these contexts . It won’t be easy, maybe you’re going to feel pain from all this. If the dream occurs before you observe a situation like this, take precautions and be more restrained in your interaction with others.

You are very exhausted and you urgently need a break so that stress does not affect you more than superficially. Take care of your health, which in the long run is the key to living well. These conflicts do not contribute to it.

Dream of a baby urinating 

The well-being of children or younger siblings is your concern. There is something you need to specify. A change must come because you need it, but there are brakes that stop you from moving forward. Matters can flow, but it will require extreme effort.

You dream that you wet the bed

If it was just a dream and you haven’t really urinated, it means that you need to get rid of some things that weigh you down in your life . Some situations from the past come to your mind and disturb you and you are already looking for a way out of this matter.

This dream is also associated with some behavior that is not socially accepted, that you have been showing and you want to eradicate it from your life. If in the dream you do not feel ashamed for having urinated, it is a good sign, because you are achieving high levels of thought, which allow you to evolve and mature.

You dreamed and really wet the bed

Check your health first to rule out a very obvious physical or emotional disorder . Going to a specialist is the best thing to do. Obviously beyond this, the very real dream indicates total liberation of weights in thought. You have taken charge of what you want to do.

You dream that someone else urinates in bed

If it is someone else who urinates in the wrong place, and you see it in the dream, it could be related to the way you see and value people . If you laugh in the dream, because of the event, then you are an insensitive and indolent person. In any case, you should check these possibilities of interpretation and see in yourself what you should change as soon as possible.

Dream that you urinated on your clothes

You are not having control in your real life. You act by intuition but wrongly. The results after your actions are reprehensible. You must think before you speak, because you hurt with your words and generate conflicts with family, friends and work environment.

With this way of acting you are causing damage to others and it is time for you to take care of resolving such an attitude. It is not possible for you to go through life irresponsibly mistreating and not even knowing it or realizing it.

Dream that you urinate a lot

Your body is crying out for you to stop overindulging and start taking responsibility for your health. You walk very light and forget that this attitude will bring you serious consequences, especially in your health.

You live fast too, you don’t give yourself a break, you do and do things one after another and forget that your body is not a machine . You sleep little, eat too much and nothing healthy.

At the end of your work day, due to fatigue, stress or laziness, you eat anything and carelessly go to bed, perhaps not even leaving time for a restorative bath.

On the other hand, your own pace of life leads you to not knowing how to control your emotions . You talk, yell and offend without thinking of consequences. Control is not your forte right now. This dream is a serious wake-up call.

you see urine

The past does not leave you alone. Your head searches there in the memories . It is as if you lived stagnant and it is time to free yourself from this, it is urgent. It is possible that you are tied to that past , and what you need is to go to a place or talk to someone to find a solution to that pending, but you are avoiding it, because it is annoying.

Dream of seeing someone urinate and you feel disgust

If you feel disgusted when you see that person urinating, you may be going through a situation in which you feel rejected. Something happens, or something you have done that is not approved in your environment , be it work, family or partner.

This dream may be associated with carelessness with your family and partner . Pay attention to the details that are what will really generate satisfaction later.

Dream of seeing someone urinate and you feel sexual desire

Someone in your environment attracts you very much. You are anxious and want to tell him how you feel.

Dream that your urine is cloudy

You have health problems that you must attend to as soon as possible . It may be something minor. However, you should not neglect yourself and go to the doctor for a routine check-up.

You wanted to urinate but you couldn’t 

You are going to run into serious problems. You must be very alert. The obstacles come out one after another and it’s all because you are not making the best decisions . You don’t know what to do right now, you need to focus and reflect a little to move forward.

The problems you have to solve need you to act as soon as possible, you cannot remain stagnant. In short, it is you yourself who are putting yourself in trouble and sabotaging yourself with that attitude.

dream that someone urinates on you

Some person in your immediate environment is exerting a lot of power in your life . This is not good, it does not benefit you at all. Analyze who it is that is manipulating you and you are not aware of it and you are allowing yourself to be led to the precipice. That person does not wish you anything good, that’s why he acts this way.

Do you smell urine in your dream? 

This dream is not a good omen. Your health is very fragile and you can fall into bed. It is recommended that you see a doctor immediately for an evaluation. Don’t miss this notice.

It may be that you have time without checking yourself and you are treating your body as if it were a machine. You have not dedicated a minimum of time to taking care of yourself.

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