What does it mean to dream about Virgin Mary

What does it mean to dream of the Virgin Mary

We could consider dreams as messages from intangible beings that seek to protect us even from our own actions, so they present us with a warning of upcoming events in our lives. These beings have this ability to be in a higher plane of existence and to be full of wisdom and love.

Dreaming of the Virgin Mary, will usually bring messages with positive meanings and that often predict good times of prosperity, harmony, joy, calm and success.

For many people in the world the Virgin Mary represents pure love, loyalty, dedication and dedication for the good of others, her image alone is a symbol of peace and joy of the soul.

If a believer is going through a complex stage in life and dreams of the Virgin Mary , it means that their actions are responsible for the anguish they are feeling, apart from the presence of a bad behavior that prevents them from solving and getting out of that situation. .

We must consider the dreams in which we see or speak with the Virgin Mary, which should be interpreted from the point of view of the beliefs of the person who dreams, because if he is a believer in her, it will have a very different meaning than that which could be applied to another person. different beliefs.

For people who believe in the Virgin, dreams where we see her can have the same meaning as dreaming about our mother. The symbols of dreams with the Virgin Mary are clearly related to protection, the nobility of one’s heart as a person, with patience, with virtues and with sincere love.

Depending on the message that the Virgin announces in the dream of those who dream, it will be its meaning and the moment we are going through must also be considered so as not to interpret it in the wrong way. 

Below we leave the most common meanings of dreams with the Virgin Mary.

Dream of the Virgin Mary as protector

Dream about the elevation of the Virgin Mary

If in the dream we are in the presence of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary , it is the harbinger of many congratulations and distinctions in a near moment of our actions, but which will not be lasting, it is an ephemeral moment.

Dream that the Virgin Mary speaks to us

If in the dream the Virgin Mary is present and she speaks to us directly in front, we must be attentive and remember the message as faithfully as possible, because it is a clear message to strengthen life beliefs, if the person is a believer, if he is not a sign of consolation in a moment of loneliness.

Dream that the Virgin Mary is smiling

A sincere smile is a demonstration of happiness and acceptance, if we have a dream in which the Virgin Mary is smiling at us, it is a clear announcement that we are doing things well and to her liking, that our works and acts are carried out with good faith and will reward us pleasantly full of blessings.

Dream with the presence of the Virgin Mary

If we dream of the presence of the Virgin Mary, sitting as if waiting, it can be interpreted that we are going through a difficult time in life, in which we need a spiritual guide to guide us, to give us peace and calm to understand the events and reaffirming our beliefs and good will. 

Dream that the Virgin Mary has a ray of light

The image of the Virgin Mary in our dreams is an announcement of approach and blessings and when she carries a ray or halo of light it symbolizes that spiritually we will be healed of what ails us and if this light is greenish in tone, the ailments of the body and the soul will also be healed.

Dream that white flowers are offered to the Virgin Mary

If we dream that we are giving the Virgin Mary beautiful white flowers, it is a sign that we feel ingratiated with our actions, that we feel peace in our hearts and have no grudges or fears in those moments with ours.

Dream that offerings are given to the Virgin Mary

If we dream of the Virgin Mary and she receives offerings from us, this is a sign that we are in a stage of health and abundance and we are showing our gratitude for it, it is indicating that we are going through a good period of acceptance and sharing with others. .

Dream praising the Virgin Mary

This dream shows that the dreamer is living a stage of calm, security and fortune , being a propitious period for him to think and make important changes in his life or his environment that allow him to overcome some traumatic or painful event that he has not been able to leave behind in the past. your moment.

The Virgin Mary guides us in dreams

Dreaming of the Virgin Mary in moments of crisis 

Dreaming of the Virgin Mary in moments of crisis is generally suggesting that you must remain patient, be serene in order to face difficult times. 

Guiding warning of the Virgin Mary

Dreaming of the Virgin Mary sad or angry

If the Virgin Mary is seen as threatening, sad or angry, it is a clear sign that due to some bad behavior or decision on the part of the dreamer, life will present changes that are not very fortunate , for which a solution or correction must be sought . readiness.

To dream that the Virgin Mary expresses seriousness

Dreaming of the Virgin being serious with us is telling us that perhaps we have been committing actions with ill will towards others, and she tells us that we must make amends . We must be fair with our actions and correct what we have done wrong, especially with the family.

Dream that the Virgin Mary cries

If we dream that the Virgin Mary is crying, it is an unequivocal sign that we are in a difficult period in life and that our fears will come to light from one moment to another, so we must pray to find peace. 

Dreaming of different invocations of the Virgin 

Dream with the Virgin of Carmen

If we dream of being in the presence of the Virgen del Carmen, it is telling us that we must seek shelter and protection from adverse situations that concern us at a certain moment in life, in this way we will not feel alone.

Dream with the Virgin of Guadalupe

When we dream of the Virgin of Guadalupe, it is alerting us that there is an external force that goes beyond our senses and that inexplicably for us has no coherence, but we just have to have faith and believe that we can get ahead.

Dreaming of the Virgin of La Milagrosa

When we dream of her, it is a strong sign that if we pray with great faith and peace in our hearts, a miracle can happen in our lives and we will overcome everything that distresses us.

Dream with the Virgin of the Valley

This dream is a strong warning that speaks of fertility and moments of joy, it announces the arrival of a child in the family, filling the home with happiness and joy.   

Dreaming of the Virgin Help of Christians

This dream portends that important conversations are approaching to make great changes in our environment, in search of improving situations that concern us.

Dream with the Virgin of Fatima

This dream is preventive, we must be cautious in all aspects of our life, both family and work, since we may be close to falling into temptations that are not convenient for our lives.

Dream with the Mystic Rose

Dreaming of the dedication of the Mystic Rose reveals the arrival of new friends and people in our lives who come as benefactors and full of good intentions, predominantly love. 

Dream with the Virgin of Coromoto

This dream shows us that good news will come full of joy that involves direct economic growth for which we will feel very grateful.

Other dreams with the Virgin

Dream that the Virgin Mary has the baby Jesus in her arms

In this particular case, the dream tells us that we are at peace with ourselves and we share and radiate our positive energies to our surroundings.

Dream of the Virgin Mary when a family member has just passed away

This dream shows that we are looking for consolation, that the deceased person is deeply missed and we want to stop feeling oppression in our hearts.

Other meanings of dreaming with the Virgin

Especially when people are devoted to the Virgin, it is because they are passing through periods of good fortune and, especially, that spiritual peace reigns in them. While in people who are not so devout or simply are not, and have a dream similar to the ones presented here, it can mean that they will go through moments of clarity and stability of their inner strength.

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