Dreaming of the Virgin Mary represents goodness, peace, harmony, which you ultimately need in your life, but for some reason, situation or problem you do not have. This dream usually manifests itself in difficult times, when you feel trapped or trapped by circumstances or problems, when you feel guilty about something you have done, when you need help, protection or you do not find what to hold on to in the face of events that happen in your life. lifetime.

However, despite the darkness in your life at that time, this dream also represents the hope of getting out of that situation, of solving problems, of finding the light you need to become happy or to feel calm or calm.

Dream of the pregnant Virgin Mary

If you dream of the pregnant Virgin Mary, it means that you reach a much more prosperous, happy, harmonious or positive stage than the one you are living or have lived. The pregnancy of the Virgin Mary in dreams represents salvation, at the same time prosperity, abundance, happiness, love… In short, it is a very positive dream that predicts prosperity in every way.

Dream of the Virgin Mary crying

Dreaming that you see the Virgin Mary crying is the representation of your own regret, your own sadness, your concern for what is happening around you, in short, this dream reflects your grief at what you live, experience or what you face in your life.

Dream of the Virgin Mary laughing

On the contrary, dreaming that you see the Virgin Mary laughing, smiling or happy is an omen of change of positive transformation in you, in your life, about those difficult circumstances that you are going through. This dream announces good news, a stage of tranquility, stability and happiness.

Dream of the Virgin Mary in heaven

If you dream that you see the Virgin Mary in heaven, this is an omen of peace, of the positive conclusion of conflicts, of good news in general.

If you are worried or worried about someone who is sick , someone who is going through problems or someone who is facing a certain danger, having this dream means that everything will be fine, that within the complications of the situation it will be resolved in the best possible way. .

Dream of the broken Virgin Mary

If you dream of an image or figure of the Virgin Mary that is broken or that breaks in your hands, it is a symbol of bad luck , of disappointment in your plans or projects, of delay or of the succession of a series of situations that hinder, paralyze or hinder your path in general or in a specific area.

Dream of the Virgin Mary dressed in white

Dreaming of the Virgin Mary dressed in white symbolizes purity, peace, true and sincere love, compassion… This dream reflects that you are in a vital moment, that you are going to begin to value the really important things, that you are going to change positively your values ​​about life, that you are going to experience a very powerful transformation that will make you a better person.

Dream with the Virgin Mary and Jesus

If you dream of the Virgin Mary and Jesus at the same time, you will have to pay attention to the actions that take place in the dream. If they are together, if they send you a message… but this dream itself symbolizes the union of mother and son, unconditional love, respect for others, true, sincere relationships and at the same time it symbolizes protection, light along the way, the guide you need to find what you want or want.

Dream that you kiss the Virgin Mary

Dreaming that you see the Virgin Mary or an image of her means that you are in need of affection, of love, that you seek protection, consolation or help in the face of a situation that you are experiencing and that saddens you, worries you or keeps you awake.

Dream that the Virgin Mary speaks to you

Dreaming that the Virgin Mary speaks to you, tells you something, sends you a message… it is a very revealing dream since deep down these words are words of help, of advice, of warning against what you live, what surrounds you or what you have to face. You should remember these words well and reflect on them, since you can find great support and help in these words.

Dream that the Virgin Mary hugs you

If you dream that the Virgin Mary hugs you, this dream is very positive, it means that you have divine protection from your beings of light, loved ones who are no longer on earth by your side but who watch over you from heaven . When you have this dream you should feel calm or calm, have confidence that you will get ahead of any circumstance or problem and that you will enjoy very beautiful and special things in your life.

Dream of a procession of the Virgin Mary

To dream that you see a procession or parade of the Virgin Mary or where there is a throne, a float that carries the Virgin Mary or her figure means that you are going through a personal, spiritual, love or any other crisis, that you need to find your way, that you need to find yourself or yourself or be able to chart your own path to happiness.

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