What does it mean to dream about volcano? 21 dream interpretations

Dreaming of a volcano indicates that you feel out of control in life. If you think about the violent release of lava, in dreams this can indicate that there is a hotspot in life that creates dangers. Think about how volcanic ash can be a threat not only to people on the ground but also to airplanes, in my opinion the volcano indicates the production of something big. The more lava and ash present in a dream, the more likely this dream will become even more important.

This dream can mean that you are experiencing an internal outburst of anger and that you find it difficult to control your temper in certain situations. Are you prone to easily lose your temper? Or have you been feeling like you’re about to explode lately? Seeing a large volcano can indicate negative emotions and feelings. Dreams about volcanoes can also be triggered by repressed feelings and emotions and the need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

You may be ignoring advice on how to avoid problems or issues that need your urgent attention. If you don’t, they could get worse in the next few days. Dreams about a volcano could be due to sudden events of a volcanic, eruptive and devastating nature. You could be under extreme pressure and that is the reason behind your dream. The pressure could come from someone trying to control you and run the show in your life.

They could also remind you of the need to stay calm and have the patience and courage you need to overcome the difficulties that will arise due to the changes. After the dream, you will have to try to stay away from conflicts and fights. If you do get involved, try to get them resolved as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming complex.

It could be that the dreams come to you as a warning about a difficult time in a relationship and possible misunderstandings and disputes that you will have to endure. Try to refrain from starting or quarreling with loved ones after such dreams. In case of a dispute, try to resolve it peacefully and calmly.

What does it mean to dream of a volcano? 21 dream interpretations


Dreaming about a volcano could indicate that you hide your true feelings from those around you, fearing that they are upset or angry, but at the same time, you feel the need to release the pressure that is building up inside you. Volcanic dreams can also bring you a message from your subconscious about some changes that you might experience in the days to come.

Our unconscious mind often speaks to us in images through our dreams and not in words. The meaning of this dream in ancient dream dictionaries has frequently suggested that a volcanic eruption denotes that tempers are likely to arise along with quite a significant emotional confrontation, this could be that you have been wrong in a situation or that someone has offered apologies.

The interpretation of the dream of volcanoes will differ, depending on the context in which the symbol appears. The question I have to ask is: how extinct is the volcano? Was the volcano a dormant volcano, or in a state or eruption? In most cases, such dreams are symbolic of rashes where your emotions are concerned.

To help you find the meaning of your dream, we have prepared for you a series of interpretations related to dreaming about volcanoes. You should ask yourself the questions stated above and carry out an exhaustive analysis of your environment based on them:

1-Dream of an erupting volcano

Dreaming of an erupting volcano indicates some important changes that will happen in your life. Take advantage of the dream to imply that, in the coming days, you will receive some challenging news. When it happens, it will affect your self-esteem and your mood, as it will affect your social position.

A volcano erupting in your dream   indicates that the emotions you are feeling are about to erupt. Your honesty and fair character can also be threatened or attacked. In dreams volcanoes represent your emotions.

The existence of a volcano in a dream is a symbol of the unconscious mind to control its temper and emotions, it could mean that pressure has built up in your life and you have found it difficult to keep everything together.

2-Dream with volcano and ash

Dreaming of a volcano and ash means that there are latent dangers around the environment in which you live, which could be affecting both you and your closest relatives; those with whom you share your day to day. It could be trying to destroy some very important project or business that represents the breadwinner. Your economy is going to be in the ground and you will have to be strong enough to get up.

3-Dream of a volcano erupting with water

Dreaming of a volcano erupting with water instead of lava could imply that you are feeling relieved after a situation that you anticipated would be chaotic or dangerous, turning out to be the opposite. Alternatively, the dream could imply that you currently have repressed feelings that you do not wish to share with those around you.

4-Dream with volcano and lava

Dreaming of a volcano and lava is a sign that in the coming days, you will feel upset. Seeing lava coming out of the top of the volcano indicates that your emotions are out of control. You may find yourself involved in a very stressful situation that may be making you lose your mind, so you must take care of yourself so as not to be irreversibly affected.

The type of lava is important, seeing red lava indicates danger. If the lava was flowing, then this indicates emotions that are filled with anger. The fluidity of lava is important in a dream. For lava to flow down a steep slope indicates that things will eventually become smooth.

5-Dreaming of a water volcano

Dreaming of a water volcano means that your life will soon take a 180° turn. Your luck is going to change completely because at last something or someone is going to approach you to help you get out of all those problems you’ve been struggling with. He is a person with a lot of spiritual power and you just have to trust and let yourself go to receive all that blessing.

6-Dream with a snowy volcano

Dreaming of a snowy volcano means that you want to freeze your enemies. You can’t find the perfect way to counteract all the negative things that are trying to do you and you don’t want to hurt them, just neutralize them so they stop spoiling your plans all the time.

Dreaming of a snow-covered volcano can also mean that you have not managed to overcome something or someone from the past. Emotions that are still there in your mind without causing any effect to those around you but that continue to do you a lot of damage.

7-Dreaming of a volcano in the sea

Dreaming of a volcano in the sea means that you currently feel very desperate, you consider that your relatives constantly provoke you. A volcano that is located on the beach or in the sea in a dream can also mean that the people around you try to help you, but far from letting you help, you end up infecting others with your bad temper.

8-Dream of a volcano throwing stones

Dreaming of a volcano throwing stones indicates that your feelings explode from time to time, but without very serious effects. You try to control yourself and although you rarely achieve it, you do not do excessively harmful things either, since your intentions help you a little. It can also mean that you want to be alone and try to push others away to achieve it.

9-Dream of an inactive volcano

Dreaming of a dormant volcano could be a sign that you are feeling hurt by something that happened in the past. If at some point you lost your temper and are upset, then the fact that the volcano has not erupted is a positive sign and may indicate that you will be more careful about how you react.

10-Dream of a small volcano

Dreaming of a small volcano means that you are a very passive person, but the damage that other people have caused you in the past and the things that they constantly do to you in the present is making you change your temperament. Little by little you become another person, at any moment your true nature can be triggered and the more time passes, the more negative feelings accumulate in you.

11-Dreaming of an underwater volcano

Dreaming of an underwater volcano is a sign that there will be an end to the conflicts with the people around you, as you will be able to find solutions to what has been dividing you from them. It could also symbolize fiery emotions and experiences that you carry with you from the past. On the negative side, it could be an indicator that you are no longer in a good relationship with a close friend.

12-Dreaming of a volcano without an eruption

Dreaming of a non-erupting volcano in front of you could be a sign that you are stuck when it comes to progress and this is causing you a lot of nervousness and frustration. After the dream, you will have to accept the challenges in a positive way and make sure that you work to improve your situation in life. Life is all about hard work. If you don’t work hard, it’s very hard to see any progress.

13-Dreaming of a volcano throwing ash

Dreaming of a volcano throwing ash can often mean that there is a smoke screen for the problems that surround you. It is a classic dream that indicates that you need to set limits. The reaction to problems often represents limits in our lives and relationships, in life people can often cause conflicts. The action itself suggests the need to build a limit of resistance. Hot ash symbolizes difficulties in life and the desire to separate from others

14-Dream of a mud volcano

Dreaming of a mud volcano means that you are too harsh when it comes to expressing yourself to other people; you throw your opinions and you do not care who you are harming and in what way. This dream could also be warning you to be careful how you react because you could get into a big problem that can affect both you and the people around you.

15-dream of escaping from a volcano

Running away from a volcano in a dream can indicate that you are focused on expressing your emotions to others. Sometimes we can feel angry and not even know why. Dreaming of trying to escape from a volcano can also indicate that there is a great weight of responsibilities at the moment.

If lava was chasing you in the dream , this may indicate that your happiness will need to be checked in order to move forward in life. If you see crowds of people fleeing from a volcano, this may indicate that you will have to eliminate life’s problems.

16-dream of escaping from a volcanic eruption

To dream that you see a volcano erupting and escape , can mean that you are currently going through a disastrous situation that will end in a positive situation. You are in a storm and eventually sunlight will appear. The dream tells you to calm down; there is hope at the end of the tunnel and all you need to do is remain optimistic.

17-Dreaming that you were burned in a volcano

Dreaming that there was a volcanic eruption and that you were burned could be a sign that there is someone who is not happy with you. You may have intentionally or unintentionally done something that hurt someone close to you and now is the time to review your relationship.

18-Dreaming of a volcano about to explode

A volcano about to erupt in your dream could be a sign that you are stressed where your work is concerned and you don’t have a way forward. The best scenario could be that you need to delegate work to relieve yourself and start a new one. Alternatively, you could be going through a challenging family situation and you will need to review your relationships with your family and your partner.

19-dream that you are worried about a volcano

To dream that you are worried about a volcano indicates that you are worried about emotions. It means that, when you least expect it, something negative will happen, but that this situation is necessary in order to move forward. It can be in your workplace or in your relationship. After the dream, you will need to be careful what you say when you are around your colleagues so that they do not use it against you.

20-Dreaming of an abrupt volcano

Seeing a steep volcano in a dream is symbolic of a divine message, or perhaps an explosive eruption of violence in the dreamer’s life. There is a danger that energy is being applied within his psyche; this dream is a warning that he may need to check the people around him for clues.

21-Religious meaning of dreaming of a volcano

The title “volcano” originates from the Roman god Vulcan. This god was connected to male fertilization and protected the crop in ancient Roman times. The god is linked to any aspect of fire and is generally worshiped to avoid causing fires. The god is known to be connected to religion and helps ward off potential danger. Additionally, volcanoes are also associated with the Hawaiian goddess known as Pele. The legend is that Pelé had many brothers and thirteen sisters.

In the old stories, she wanted to meet her true love, but she was fickle and ended up killing all her husbands. So what does this mean in relation to her dream? We can see through these gods that emotions are central to her interpretation. Also, this dream is associated with a powerful feeling of love or hate.


As we could realize a dream about a volcano is a symbol of your strong anger and emotions. If you are the type of person who loses his temper easily and most of the time, he wants to explode; the dream could warn you that it is time to calm down; otherwise, your destructive behavior will bring you down, making your life chaotic.

Your subconscious will be helping you through this dream to face problems and obtain solutions for them; to realize that everything has a remedy and that you only have to maintain your optimism and your inner strength to find it.

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