What does it mean to dream about war

What does it mean to dream of warHave you ever found yourself in the middle of a war not knowing what to do? If you are reading this, surely you are interested in knowing what it means to dream of war. War is something that nobody wants to go through, but unfortunately it happens in the world more than we would expect.

There are people who fantasize about this type of event and this can happen for various reasons. Today there are many media through which they broadcast information about wars or violent events, news programs, social networks, YouTube and many other media.

In many young people or not so much, war or war video games are their preference, so spending so much time playing makes it normal to dream of something like that.


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Dreaming of war is related to both internal and external conflicts with other unresolved people. It is something that worries you, that bothers you on a daily basis and your mind manifests it through a dream. The most common reason why a person dreams of war is having participated in one, because it is usually a traumatic stage for many.

This occurs more in people who usually watch news related to the war or who have a certain preference for it. Although the world of dreams is so complex, it can happen that you have a dream about war without having seen something related.

Dreaming of war if you are a teenager: It is something normal, since it indicates your mentality for wanting to take the world ahead and your mind manifests it in this way.

Dreaming of war after being fired: Another common cause for dreaming of war is usually the events that mark you on a day-to-day basis, such as being fired from your job. If you really wanted that job, it is normal for you to accumulate anger that manifests itself in wanting to wage war against everyone.

To dream that you lose a war: Indicates that you have tried something that has failed and you feel bad about it. It can also indicate your lack of character to face situations that make you feel powerless in some way, for example a tornado .

Dreaming that you are shot in a war: Being in the middle of a shooting is not something pleasant. This dream is an indication that you are escaping from something you have done and for which you feel guilty, although it can also indicate your fear of losing something.

Dreaming of a civil war : Being related to the civil, it can indicate family conflicts or even with other people from outside, who interfere in your affairs. Although it is also common to dream of civil war if there is some instability in your life that worries you and you feel that a problem may arise.

Dreaming that a relative dies in a war: In any case, death is an indication that you appreciate that person very much and you are afraid that something bad will happen to them. In no case is it a premonitory dream or anything like that, but rather it is part of your insecurity. You may also be interested in the article on dreaming of the dead .


Dreaming of a nuclear war: Indicates that there are internal issues that are bothering you. There is something inside you that may be doing you wrong and you need to solve it. It is always a good idea to have someone you trust to whom you can tell your problems and thus be calmer.

Dreaming of a hand-to-hand fight in a war: Indicates that you are going through emotional problems that you want to leave behind, which symbolizes a fight with yourself. It can also indicate problems with someone very close.

Dreaming of winning a war: If in the dream you are victorious in the war, it indicates that you will have success in various areas of your life. But even so, you have to be attentive, because as happens in wars, something is always lost. Speaking in economic terms, an example would be winning the lottery, but therefore losing contact with other people.

Dreaming of an army at war: This dream has to do with past actions, be they people or situations you have been through. It can have a negative connotation if the army is against you and positive if it works for you, because it indicates that you will not be alone in the war. In other words, there will be people who will help you solve their problems.

Dreaming of world war: Indicates that there is a lot of disorder in life. Perhaps day-to-day problems that cannot be easily solved. Issues for which you have to make many decisions of different kinds, which put you in a very stressful situation, because you feel that everyone is attacking you.

Dreaming of being wounded in a war: This symbolizes your fear of getting hurt from a problem you are going through. It can be something internal or something external, but either way it is something that concerns you.

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