Dream about Weapon

Dream about Weapon: Dreaming of firearms (the bigger and more powerful the worse its meaning) implies an alteration of the nervous system because the dreamer fears that a new war or some attack will take place on a personal level.

This dream is more frequent in young men who do not want to participate in any war.

Dreaming of small arms in common use indicates fear of being assaulted or that your enemies will suddenly attack you.

When a woman dreams of weapons, particularly firearms, she implies that she is somehow relating to the military.

Weapons in general, and particularly firearms, indicate violence , brawls, lawsuits , conspiracies, unfair competition in the case of trade , envy, jealousy and betrayal .

Dreaming of being injured by a knife indicates that someone is betraying the dreamer’s trust.

If it is a firearm, the case can be serious and announce that someone close will die .

Dreaming about injuring someone with a firearm warns that you will soon have problems of various kinds, including legal or judicial ones.

Dreaming of being injured by a firearm implies that you will suffer discomfort caused by reckless, unpleasant people or who act in bad faith, or that you will soon suffer diseases that are already in the body , although they have not yet manifested themselves.

Dreaming of owning a firearm, whatever it may be, implies that you have a bad character, which can lead to complicated situations.

Dreaming of firing a firearm implies that the dreamer’s behavior is leading to dangerous situations in many ways.

Dreaming of weapons, in most cases, usually has a negative connotation.

In case of dreaming of a shield, it is a harbinger of problems that will soon appear in the life of the dreamer.

Dreaming of a bullet, or better, with the casing of a bullet that has already been fired indicates that the interests of the dreamer may be threatened by problems and disagreements that arise with close people.

If the bullet we dream of is that of a cannon, it is a harbinger of difficulties and setbacks with some family members, which can put some of our interests at risk.

To dream that we fire a cannon and hit the target will be a sign of triumph in the face of adversity, but if we miss and miss the shot, it indicates humiliation and mockery. If we are wounded by a cannon, it is an announcement of imminent danger .

Dream about Weapon: To dream that an arquebus is fired means that you will have setbacks, and it will not be easy for you to decide how much you should and what you want to do. We will receive reproaches from the family for our indecision, and it is possible that we make mistakes when making decisions regarding our future because of the pressure exerted by them.

The dreams where we see grenades are the harbinger of a risky business in which we will embark without studying it properly.

Slingshots or slingshots in dreams represent the victory of the intelligence of the weak against the power of the strong.

To dream that we use a sling is a sign that we have the necessary tools to overcome tyranny or authoritarianism imposed by unjust and strong people. This dream suggests the need to be more resourceful and explore all possible options when facing a complex situation.

Constantly dreams where we see ourselves using a slingshot to hurt someone else are presented because we have recognized that some people in our environment have qualities that exceed ours.

Dream about WeaponTo dream that it is someone else who uses the sling to hurt us is a sign that we should not underestimate our rivals, because although they seem weak, in reality they can be dangerous enemies.

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