What does it mean to dream about wedding party

What does it mean to dream of a wedding party

When we have dreams with celebrations, such as the wedding banquet, it is generally oriented to the symbolic or mystical, such as enjoying the good things that we are achieving and how abundant our pleasures can be. So we must not lose sight of the fact that we may be having some excesses.

A party within a dream can represent a goal or achievement achieved. Especially when it is very significant to us or for which we have worked very hard. Sometimes we feel that our effort is not recognized. But remember that the achievements are your own and who better than you enjoy knowing you are capable.

The wedding party is closely related to abundance and excess. You will have to pay attention to the details to correctly interpret your dream. Since it could be indicating prosperity or warning that bad times may come and you should take precautions.

The changes that will arise for you are important and represent long-term commitments. It will depend on your good decisions, as well as on the family and friends around you, because happiness and sadness are shared.

You can also see yourself at your own wedding party and you are single, which could be interpreted as the need to make important changes to your life. So you must keep in mind the context of your dream.

We often confuse this type of dream with dreaming that you get married , that is, when we dream of getting married ourselves and also with dreaming that someone is getting married . But the one in this article is more for those who see themselves celebrating at a marriage or wedding party. Now we will see some variants of the dream.

Dream at my wedding party

This type of dream will depend on whether you are with a partner or not, as well as whether you look sad or having fun. Many times it is for the simple fact that you long for that celebration or someone reminded you of yours. Keep in mind that everything depends on you and the desire you put into achieving your goals.

Dreaming of my marriage party and happy

With couple

This dream is indicative of prosperity and positive changes in your life, just try to avoid the excesses that always accompany good times. It never hurts to be cautious and surround yourself with good friends.


If you see yourself happy and celebrating, but you do not have a partner, it means that there is a need to introduce important changes in your life. Your innovative spirit does not allow you to stagnate, you are ready to continue.

Dreaming of my wedding party and sad

With couple

When we see ourselves in our wedding celebration sad or somewhat worried, we must be careful with some financial setbacks or bad streaks that are to come. Perhaps it is time to pay attention and avoid unnecessary expenses.


In case you dream of your wedding party, but you are sad or worried and at the time of doing it you do not have a partner, you must be aware because you will face changes in your life in which you will need all your energy. Remember to lean on your family, you are not alone.

Dream at my partner’s wedding party

This dream in which you see yourself celebrating your partner’s wedding party means that great achievements will come or some stalled projects will come true. But all this will depend on whether you are sad or happy in that celebration to interpret its meaning.

I’m happy

If you dream of a happy celebration for you, but it is your partner’s wedding party, it may mean that those changes that you feel overwhelming are really positive. Perhaps it is time to make concessions and achieve compromises.

I’m sad

If in case you look sad and worried while celebrating your partner’s wedding party, be careful you must put all your efforts into strengthening the time work that sustains a relationship. Pacing and resuming commitments is in your hands.

Dream at a wedding party of my ex

Dreaming that you are celebrating your ex‘s wedding party often means new projects. Since chapters are closing that may not have ended well, and seeing us celebrate for those who had a place in our lives, it shows that we are prepared for what follows. That changes its connotation depending on whether it is an ex-boyfriend or an ex-husband.

Dreaming at a wedding party of my ex boyfriend

This dream indicates that we feel happy and receptive to the changes that are taking place. And although we do not see them as significant, time and your willpower will show that great things can have small beginnings.

Dream at a wedding party of my ex-husband

If you dream that you celebrate the wedding party of your ex-husband, it means that unexpected achievements and abundance are coming that you will share with family and friends. Good things also come from those you least imagine. But remember nothing lasts forever and you should be careful.

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