Dreaming of a well reflects your most intense thoughts, the reflections on your life about what you have done and what you are going to carry out. The well represents the connection with your inner world, with your concerns with your most intimate thoughts and at the same time it is a symbol of entrapment.

The well may be reflecting the stagnation or blockage in which you have submerged or submerged due to different circumstances depending on how you are currently or the period you are living.

The dream with the well will be very different or will acquire other nuances that will really explain how you feel.

Dream of going down a well

If you dream that you go down a well, it means that in your life you are doing or deciding something that will take you back in what you have advanced, that will even cause some harm or damage to what you have already built. Therefore, this dream should be taken as a warning about what you are doing in your current life, which could lead you to undo all or part of the path you have walked.

Dream of climbing out of a well

If you dream that you climb or come out of a well, it means that you are taking charge of your life or of a part of it that is correcting your mistakes and correcting the mistakes you may have made.

This dream is very positive since it is also an omen of improvement , of overcoming problems and obstacles, of rising progress in general.

Dream of falling into a well

Dreaming that you fall into a well is a bad omen, as it announces problems , conflicts, confrontations, material loss, breakup or even an accident. In short, this dream is negative, but it must also be taken as a warning about the consequences of what you have done or are doing. You will have to face the situation that arises with integrity and with a positive attitude to overcome it as soon as possible and in the best way.

Dreaming of falling into a well also symbolizes the end of communications with someone important to you, it can be a reflection of a sentimental estrangement or even a definitive breakup.

Dream of clean water well

Dreaming of a well of clean, crystal clear water is a good omen if you observe or look at the well without going down to it, it means that you are aware of your abilities, that you have full confidence in yourself and that you know the path you have to take. .

If you dream that you drink crystal clear water from the well , it means that you will surround yourself with good people who will be of great help at a certain moment.

Dream of a dirty water well

Dreaming of a dirty water well indicates that you are not aware of the dangers that await you, of the possible betrayals that are being hatched behind your back or of the consequences of your actions.

If you look at the well without going down to it, it means that even if you have to face a problem derived from your decisions or from the people around you, you will know how to overcome it, solve it.

If you dream that you drink dirty water from the well , it means that you do not want to be aware of the problems around you, that you do not want to see the negative reality of certain people around you.

Dream of a well full of garbage

If you dream of a well full of garbage or excrement, it means that you need to make an assessment of your life, of what you have lived or what you are living, as well as reflect on your latest decisions , since you are probably not being aware of very serious mistakes that you have made or are making.

When you have this dream, it is advisable that you rethink your life or a certain part of it.

Dream of an empty well

If you dream of an empty well, without water, it means that you feel a certain stagnation in your life, that you do not find encouragement or encouragement to propose new challenges, that you have lost illusion, hope and that deep down you settle for what there is without asking yourself if that makes you happy or not.

Dream of a black hole

Dreaming of a very dark black hole, in which you do not see the bottom, means that you have some concern or problem for which you cannot find a solution or from which you do not know how to get out. You may be holding on to that situation despite realizing that it is leading you nowhere.

dream of a very deep well, it means that you are afraid, that you feel a certain fear of what is coming, of the changes you are experiencing or are going to experience, or even of the consequences of certain situations.

The depth of the well is a way of measuring the difficulties you face or must face.

Dream of a closed well

If you dream of a closed, sealed well that you cannot access or see its content, it means that you are the victim of some manipulation , influence or emotional blackmail by someone. It means that you are submitting to the will of another or other people and avoid revealing yourself. before that so as not to generate conflicts, problems or not to upset that or those people.

Dream that you draw water from a well

Dreaming that you draw water from a well is the reflection of receiving news, changes or advances in your life.

If the water is clean, the changes, advances or news will be positive and favorably directed towards your goals.

If, on the other hand, the water you draw from the well is dirty , it means that there will be inconveniences, delays or impediments.

If the rope breaks and the water falls into the well , it means that you are not doing enough that you give up easily in the face of difficulties.

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