Dreaming of windows represents the need for freedom, for change. At the same time it reflects how you see what surrounds you and how you really want it to be, the window can reflect the hope of change, the illusion for what is to come soon.

In the world of dreams, the window represents the possibility of leaving, of leaving the past behind, of overcoming barriers and opening yourself to new possibilities.

dream of open windows

If you dream of open windows, it means that you are prepared for change, that although you have not taken the step, you are still in the process of change and soon you will begin to evolve, to allow new things to enter your life, to experience new situations.

If in the dream you close the window it means that at the moment you do not feel ready or prepared, that you are going to take some time before making the necessary decisions.

dream of closed windows

If you dream of closed windows, it means that you or yourself are paralyzing your progress or limiting your future, either by your own choice, by imposed situations or by lack of courage.

  • If in the dream you try to open the window but you cannot , it means that you feel drowned or drowned in your life, that you need to escape or free yourself from something.
  • If you dream that you try to open it and you succeed, this is an encouraging dream, since that paralysis that you are feeling or experiencing will end up defeating it and you will be able to advance and evolve.

Dream of boarded up windows

Dreaming of a boarded up window means that you feel that something or someone prevents you from being free, that you feel locked up or enclosed in your world or in your life and even on many occasions this dream reflects the complete lack of courage on your part to overcome certain barriers or even the denial on your part to see the reality that surrounds you.

Dream of windows with bars

If you dream of windows that have bars, it means that despite wanting to change, of wanting to see things differently, there is something in your life, inside you that is either out of fear, because of the responsibility you have assumed or because of the situation that you live or that you do not allow yourself completely or partially to leave or change.

dream of dirty windows

Dreaming of dirty windows means that something you have experienced or are experiencing prevents you from seeing your future clearly, what you want, what you need, therefore you feel frustrated or frustrated, insecure or insecure and at the same time you may feel confused or confused. confused.

Dream of clean windows

On the contrary, dreaming of clean windows reflects that you feel safe or secure with the path you have chosen, that you feel proud or proud of having arrived where you are, of having achieved everything you have.

At the same time this dream means that you clearly know what you want to do or what your priorities are.

dream of broken windows

Dreaming of broken windows means that there is some aspect of your emotional, family, personal or professional life that makes you doubt, that causes instability, insecurity and at the same time raises many questions about the future and the consequences that may result from it. it.

dream of big windows

Dreaming of large windows reflects your aspirations in life, your desires, everything you want to do and carry out. This dream also reflects the entry into your life of new experiences, people and opportunities.

dream of small windows

Dreaming of small windows means that you are a person who expects little from life or from what surrounds you or who surrounds you, either because of lived experiences or because of avoiding disappointments in the face of overly optimistic expectations.

Dream about windows with curtains or blinds

If you dream of windows that have curtains or blinds, it means that certain thoughts you have project a distorted reality or that it is not completely real, it is possible that you are seeing what surrounds you from a single perspective, which reduces proportionality and reality.

Dream of jumping out the window

If you dream that you jump out the window into the void, it means that you have reached a point in your life where you clearly need to change things, make decisions, break with all or part of your life. This dream also announces imminent changes in your life.

Dream of entering or exiting through a window

  • When you dream that you enter a room or a house through the window , it means that you are getting involved in a situation, relationship or circumstance that you could regret, either because of the way you are doing it or because of the consequences that it could have.
  • If you dream that you leave a room or a house through the window , it means that you are going to try to solve a problem, situation or you are going to make decisions that are probably not convenient or that lead you down a false path.

Dream of looking out the window

  • If you dream that you look out the window and what you see is pleasant, it represents the possibility that your hopes and wishes will come true in the near future.
  • If you dream that you look out the window and what you see is gloomy, ugly or unpleasant , it means that the near future is uncertain, it is insecure and it does not give you what you need.
  • If you dream that you look out the window and the sunlight or clarity illuminates the room and it means that a very positive stage is coming for you in all aspects.

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