What does it mean to dream about wise men

Just after the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the  wise men came to him from the East of those lands, to pay him humble homage, in addition to bringing him some gifts such as gold, myrrh and incense, a sign of love and rejoicing at his arrival.

Dream interpreters maintain that dreaming of the Three Wise Men reveals a happy stage of illusions , hopes, optimism and inner peace. It is well known in various cultures that waiting for the arrival of the Three Wise Men creates great anticipation in children and exhilarating satisfaction in adults.

The adults make an effort to know the wishes of each child and they only have one night to deliver each gift, which must be unique. For this reason, having a dream with the Three Wise Men also suggests that you are someone very special , who seeks to bring happiness to others.

As we well know, dreams are generally interpreted under a subjective perspective and it is necessary to remember each of the details of the dream and its context to find the logic or orientation in its message.

Dreaming of the Three Wise Men indicates harmony, happiness and optimism . It is not by chance that there are three Los Reyes Magos. In the world of dream interpretation, the digit three indicates a happy stage with probable hopes of fulfilling wishes or dreams. Surely having positive energy, directs us to achieve harmony and happiness within us that makes us see life with greater optimism.

The most frequent interpretations when dreaming of the wise men

Dream of the wise men riding their camels 

Seeing that the Three Wise Men arrive mounted on their camels , indicates that we have found the courage to plan our actions properly, without improvisation, since we know the precise path to achieve the objectives that will allow us to get ahead.

As well as the idea of ​​the beginning of new cycles , new experiences are emerging in our environment. All of them in view of better possibilities, to achieve goals that we have been reaping for a long time. It is time to grow in everything we set out to do.

Dreaming of the wise men following the star

Dreaming of the Three Wise Men following the guiding star is an excellent prediction that is telling us that we are very clear about the course or path to choose to achieve the goals set, in the right time and that benefits everyone in our environment. , the star would symbolize the achievement to reach.

But sometimes it also happens, when the person dreams that the Three Kings follow the star and it eventually moves away, it means that the person must seek to strengthen the necessary will to continue on their way, not to deviate or leave aside the plans to so you can achieve all your goals.

Dream that the wise men bring you gifts

When you manage to dream that the Three Wise Men bring you the expected gifts, it is referring to the fact that you are a valued and loved person , that in one way or another your plans will materialize, with the support and solidarity of your family and friends. relatives.

On the other hand, dreaming that the Three Wise Men bring you gifts also represents new friendships that come your way, or perhaps a new relationship that is beginning to take shape. In this sense, it is the representation of new paths to be traced with valuable people who come to your environment.

Dreaming of seeing the three wise men on our way

When we dream that we see the three wise men on our way, it is referring to us that many positive things are in our lives , happiness, success, prestige and good omen will reign in everything that we are going to undertake in our environment and if it is job achievement will be with greater projection.

In such a way that everything we have been gestating begins to bear fruit and we look at it with great emotion and joy. Not only in our work environment, but in our circle of both friendship and family. Perhaps a new being comes into our lives, be it a pet or a new family member.

Dreaming of seeing the Three Wise Men travel 

Dreaming of seeing the Magi traveling can be interpreted that it is likely that we must make a long journey to achieve our future goals, which must be planned, not improvised, and we must be attentive to the signs, just as the Magi made a long journey to see the child 

As well as trips, projects that are in constant execution are also in sight, we just have to be careful not to trust ourselves too much but without stopping executing it with the great skill that is characterizing us today.

Dream of the Three Wise Men giving gifts to others

When we dream of the Three Wise Men and they give gifts to other people, it is revealing a  feeling of guilt . When we doubt our way of acting with those others or if we have not behaved correctly in our home. It is a sign of guilt and/or self-punishment to remind us that jumping our values ​​does not bring us happiness.

Let us also remember that such dreams can be, on the one hand, a warning so that we have the ability to observe and stop certain negative moods in order to transform them. In such a sense that if we are guilty, by expressing ourselves in a different way paying real attention to it, we can advance along new paths.

The meaning of dreams with a Wizard King

It is probable that the three wise men do not always appear, but with the presence of only one we can fill ourselves with illusion, happiness and optimism in our lives, each one of them represents a virtue or gift that can rejoice and indicate that we are on good terms. way.

Without stopping, it is necessary to continue walking the reins of everything positive that surrounds us. As these are good omens, with great gratitude we can look back on such situations. With such dreams we can only keep smiling at life in a positive way and keep calling the best possible situations with such an attitude.

Dream with Melchior

If the one who appears in our dreams is the noble Melchor, he  symbolizes wisdom, maturity, intelligence, experience , so it is a harbinger that an expert person will come to us, who will give us the necessary guidance to get out. forward in the entrusted tasks that had us overwhelmed by not being able to solve without help.

Depending on the environment where the dream with Melchor unfolds, it can be a reminder that we must reinforce these qualities in us and it is time for us to believe more in ourselves and in our ability to change with wisdom and intelligence the things that harm us,

Meaning of dreaming about Gaspar

If it appears in our dream, it is a direct sign that we need to improve our self-esteem in real life and this Mage King, Gaspar, in our dream is capable of filling us with magic, love and light. He represents the young spirit, the freshness and the impetus to achieve our desires. But for this we must have confidence in ourselves.

Possibly we are experiencing new experiences or have ideas of it; for this reason there is the possibility that some doors will open. Travels and experiences not lived before are about to begin.

The symbolism of the Magic King Baltasar 

Some experts say that Baltasar was in charge of giving gold to the baby Jesus. This precious mineral and so valuable on Earth, in dreams directly symbolizes very good omens. Because indeed. In the material context, it symbolizes money, power, and the desired success . And seeing the presence of King Baltasar in our dream indicates that we are about to improve in this aspect of life.

Other interpretations of dreaming with the wise men

Dream about a letter not delivered to the Magi 

When we see in the dream that the letter to the Three Kings has not been delivered on time, it represents that we are afraid that a very special person for us and that fills us with great enthusiasm, can easily forget about us. The letter not delivered on time, symbolizes the opportunity that reaching our illusion is delayed or even lost.

We must work on our fears and insecurities to avoid experiencing deep anxieties. Paying attention to dreams like this allows us to avoid bad energies that can lead to strong situations within us. 

Dream that the wise men do not bring gifts

Rarely dreaming of the Three Wise Men is an unlucky dream, but when we see in the dream they do not bring gifts, it is the omen that things are not going as we have expected , on the contrary, we must check that our plans are failing , in order to achieve what we seek, is a dream of reflection to correct our failures.

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