What does it mean to dream about witches flying

What does it mean to dream of witches flying

Dreaming of witches flying is showing us something very important in us. Knowing what it is about will help us to have greater security and be calm that our goals will be met. This symbolizes our personality that has been formed over time.

First of all, you should know that this dream with a flying witch is experienced by people who are capable of achieving great things in their lives. This is because they have a strong character and have the ability to overcome any obstacle that comes their way.

Curiously, dreaming of witches shows us a negative point, that is, you are a person who has negative ideas. Meaning that there is a clear contrast with the dream of this article.

Since when it comes to dreaming of a witch who is flying, it means that you have a necessary mentality to achieve things and you are positive. You see things in the most optimistic way because you know what you are worth.

But you only have to be careful at one point that can harm you in friendships. And you probably have a superiority complex. And without exaggeration, it may be that you lack humility. This can be perceived before the people with whom you spend the most time, generating discomfort on their part and in some cases they can move away from you.

Thus, on the other hand, an alert so that you can find a balance to your way of being. For that you must see yourself objectively, and put yourself on the side of the people you deal with.

So be careful with your way of being, it can give you many achievements or material things, but if you don’t know how to handle yourself, it will make you lose more important things.

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  • Dream about witches flying and laughing
  • Dream about witches flying on broomsticks
  • You dream of black witches flying

Dream about witches flying and laughing

In case you see that the witches that are flying are laughing at you, this means that you should only be careful with people who want to hurt you because they are envious or jealous.

You are a person who is able to outwit their threats, but you still have to be very careful.

The dream is because those people may be the only threat to achieving your goals. It will depend a lot on your attitude and coldness.

Dream about witches flying on broomsticks

If you see that a witch is flying on a broom, it shows that there are some things that you need to improve to be very successful.

Specifically, they are some bad habits that you have. This varies from person to person, but you know what to correct.

Either the lack of punctuality or routine things that you are doing and that you do not realize. It is important to know that by improving these things you can make a great leap in your life. But everything will depend on your desire to want to improve.

You dream of black witches flying

Even though she is a black witch, this will not be a negative as it is in this dream which is seeing black witches .

When we see it flying, it announces that problems with your friends or loved ones can be resolved. Everything will be in your hands and whether or not you lose pride in taking the first step to solve it.

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