Dream about wooden boards

Dreaming of wooden boards symbolizes our feelings towards the current situation of our life. Since we believe that at this moment everything in our life is going perfectly.

On the other hand, this type of dream can be something negative, since it can show that we feel that things are not forever, that relationships, friendships and good times last very little.

Dream of wooden boards

Dreaming of wooden boards also represents our hard work, to give the best to our family. Having wooden boards and not knowing what to do with them indicates that it is time to take out the bad energies that we have inside and fill our lives with positive energy, to allow us to feel calm. Breaking a wooden board indicates that we have to take new breaths and have a renewal in our lives, in order to be happy.

Bringing a wooden board to our house shows that we have to listen to the advice they give us, since it can be a good guide for our future. If the boards are made of pine wood, it predicts that we will have very good health and a long life.

Meaning of dreaming of wooden planks

Hitting someone with a plank of wood indicates that we believe we are not good enough for a long-term relationship. Seeing a stack of wooden planks indicates that we are a very warm and loving person. We are always willing to help others. Gathering many wooden planks indicates that we will need money. If we are carpenters in the dream and we are using wooden planks, it predicts a good relationship, followed by a good marriage.

See wooden boards that are oak

This dream warns us that we are surrounded by false friendships. We must be vigilant to identify those who are not really our friends, since they are only by our side to get information from us and use it against us. Seeing that the oak boards are broken indicates that we are afraid of things that are not durable. It can be a relationship, a project or a friendship.

Dream About Rotten Wooden Boards

It portends serious problems in our lives, it can be the loss of a job, a business, a loss of health or a lot of money. This dream also means that we have to finish a job that is very boring and we do not find the motivation to finish it.

See we burn them in the dream

When in the dream we burn wooden boards, it portends that we will receive money that we were not expecting. It may be that they pay us an old debt, we collect an inheritance or for games of chance. Seeing how a pile of wooden boards catches fire, portends sadness to come.

If the boards are sandalwood

If the boards are made of sandalwood, it indicates that we have many doubts about our work or business. We are thinking of starting new projects.

Build with the boards

It represents our frustration and discomfort for not knowing how to solve the problems that afflict us. If the wooden boards we use to build are very large, it indicates that someone is using us.

Meaning of dreaming of old wooden boards

When we see that the wooden boards are old, it represents the sadness that we are feeling. This sadness is caused by the uncertainty in which we are living. If we use old wooden boards for firewood, it is a very positive dream. It augurs wealth and prosperity to come into our lives.

Dream about black wooden boards

This dream shows that we cannot find the way to achieve our dreams. We must listen to advice to clear our doubts and thus find the right path.

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