Dream about wooden furniture

Dreaming of wooden furniture represents the degree of comfort with which we live in our lives. They show us how happy or dissatisfied we are with our surroundings.

In dreams in which wooden furniture appears, we must pay attention if they are broken, old or new, if they are clean or dirty, if they are expensive or cheap, since each of the details will give a better interpretation to our dream.

Dream about wooden furniture

If the wooden furniture is black, it shows that despite our economic well-being, our family lacks happiness, and is full of sadness and bitterness. Seeing that the wooden furniture is in poor condition and needs repair indicates that the problems will continue to delay our goals, but if we repair them, it indicates that we will make an unexpected turn in our lives, which will be very favorable for us and our family.

Seeing a house furnished with luxurious wooden furniture represents the great expectations we have for our future. When we cannot walk around the house because it is full of furniture, it suggests that we will have a lot of happiness and profit in our family, at the cost of a lot of work and effort. If we try to move a wooden piece of furniture and we cannot, because it is very heavy, it represents stagnation in the family and business.

What portends to dream of a wooden table?

A wooden table in our house warns us that we have to be very careful with our expenses, otherwise we will acquire many debts that will become difficult to pay. If apart from the table, the chairs are also made of wood, it shows that we will make changes in the home to have greater comforts.

Seeing a wooden cabinet in the dream

A large and comfortable wooden cabinet to store things, predicts that business will go very well and will be very successful.

Dream about new wooden furniture

Buying new wooden furniture indicates that we are about to experience great changes in our lives, and they will all be very positive. Also this dream means that we will buy a new property or an important material good.

wooden dining room

A wooden dining set suggests that if we take time to make decisions, we will make the right decision, which will lead us directly to success. If the wooden dining room is in our kitchen, it suggests that we spend more time with the family.

a wooden wardrobe

Moving a wooden wardrobe alerts us to a disease. Having a wooden wardrobe in our room portends good times. If the wooden wardrobe is full of clothes, it predicts that we will have the expected economic gains.

Dream about broken wooden furniture

Seeing that the wooden furniture is broken suggests that we should be more responsible as our irresponsibility can negatively affect our well-being.

Antique furniture

This dream suggests that someone in the family will have major health problems. It’s time to support him and be close.

Sell ​​wooden furniture in the dream

Predict property losses. If we are selling wooden furniture because we are moving, someone will accuse us of doing business with ill-gotten money.

Dream About Mahogany Wood Furniture

This dream predicts that we will receive money unexpectedly, it may be due to an inheritance or gambling.

If the furniture is made of walnut

It points out that we will have to put all our ingenuity to work, to indulge our luxurious tastes, full of comforts and expensive pleasures.

painting wooden furniture

It suggests that we are trying to hide what we feel, because we are afraid that people will not understand our feelings.

Dream about wooden furniture that shines

It shows that we will charm a person with a false appearance, and when this person sees that we are not what we appear to be, he will end up disappointed and walk away from us forever.

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