Dreaming about past or present job or workplace is a common dream theme. If you have ever had one of these dreams, it may seem almost too real. For some people, dreaming of being in a previous job that you used to have, especially if you didn’t like the job, can also seem like a nightmare!

However, considering the time so many of us spend at work, it’s not surprising that some dreams take place in the same places we currently work or have worked in the past.

What does it mean to dream of having a job or being at work?

To understand the meaning of the dream, it is important to think about the different details of the dream. The events that take place, the people in the dream, and even what you do while working in the dream can mean different things. Generally dreaming about work is related to the type of work we do in real life. It can be your business, your career, or even just chores you do around the house.

Dream about workplaces and jobs of the past

If you dream of an old job that you no longer have, this can mean that you are thinking about your possible career options or thinking of a solution for a problem that you may encounter in business or in your professional life. However, sometimes in dreams this can also be a sign to look into past unresolved feelings from that time frame in your life.

Dreaming of a job you had in high school or college, for example, could mean that you are experiencing some of the same emotions or events that you experienced in that time period.

Some of the most common workplace dreams of the past are often related to the time clock. Many people dream of not being able to clock old jobs on a time clock, or not being able to track when you were at work to get paid.

If there is a time clock in the dream , it could mean that you do not feel like you have a healthy work-life balance in your current life. However, the time clock could also be a symbol of the past.

Numbers themselves can also have meaning in a dream, often times that would give you further clues as to what is going on It is important to think about the context of the dream and the other details to know for sure what the time clock in the dream can mean.

Dreaming of not receiving payroll or money is another common theme with dreams of old jobs and workplaces. This usually means that you feel undervalued as an employee. You may have felt that you were cheated or mistreated at the old job, and this probably means that you currently have feelings of being unappreciated by someone in your current life. We often do a lot of things in life where we don’t feel appreciated enough or that others don’t value our input or opinions.

You may feel like you’re not getting the respect you deserve in a situation. This can also sometimes mean that you feel like you are chasing something in life that is hopeless. You may be going through something difficult and facing disappointment. Something in your life requires your attention and energy, but it may not have the results you expect.

Dream about a current job or workplace

Many times if you dream of a place where you currently work, this is simply a scene or staging of the dream to remind you that the dream is about something that is currently happening in your life. This dream is unlikely to be about the past, unless there are other signs in the dream that suggest it is about past feelings or memories.

Sometimes in these dreams there may be people from work in the dream. The people in our dreams are rarely there as themselves, but more frequently as an aspect of ourselves or a symbol for someone else.

Dream of a different job that you have never had

Sometimes we have dreams where we have very different kinds of jobs than we currently have or have had in the past. For example, maybe you are an accountant by day, but last night you dreamed of being a hairdresser . In this case, you are probably thinking of things the way they should be instead of what they really are.

If you dream of having a job that you are not familiar with, you may want to think about the different roles and characteristics of the job you dreamed of and compare it to what you currently do.

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