Dream about yellow apples

Dreaming of yellow apples warns us about the temptations that we will soon encounter. We must not get carried away by impulse, since we could lose a lot if we are not reasonable.

On the other hand, it shows that we are very vulnerable people, and that puts us in situations of great pain, sadness and despair. In addition, the meaning of yellow apples in the dream symbolizes our personality and the feelings that we carry inside.

Dream about yellow apples

It indicates that someone will seize our property, and we will have a tough battle ahead to try to get it back. Also a yellow apple shows that we are too gullible people and many people abuse our kindness. Seeing yellow apples turn another color shows that we live in a fantasy world, that’s why they always end up hurting us and we get emotionally wounded. If we see that it turns black, it portends problems to come into our lives. We must have a lot of patience and start again with more energy than before.

Find a yellow apple in the dream

It means that soon we will take a well-deserved vacation, in which we will be able to completely disconnect from our daily lives. Finding a yellow apple indicates that we are looking for someone who loves us and respects us as much as we do them, since they always end up abusing our way of being so kind, and end up hurting us a lot.

Eat one in the dream

It indicates that we have to stop being gullible and be more attentive to the people around us. Not all of them have good intentions, and at any moment someone will betray us and we will be very hurt. Eating a yellow apple and seeing that it has worms predicts that there is someone close to us that we have to take great care of. At the slightest carelessness on our part, he will betray us, because he is envious of us.

Meaning of dreaming of rotten yellow apples

This dream informs us about problems that will appear little by little, but will grow until they reach the point of losing control. If we throw away the rotten yellow apple, it is a good omen, since it indicates that we will overcome problems very successfully. In this way, calm and happiness will return to our lives.

Dreaming that we cut yellow apple

It indicates that we will be harassed by a close person who has fallen in love with us, but we are not attracted to that person. Also this dream shows that we have made a mistake with the decision we have made. Now we will have to pay the consequences.

Yellow apple peel in the dream

It means that we will meet an amazing person. We will immediately feel that we have found the right person to spend the rest of our lives by her side.

Dream of yellow apples in a basket or basket

It indicates that someone we trust a lot will betray us and cause us such great pain that it will be difficult to overcome. If we see that the yellow apples in the basket are beginning to turn black, then it calls for our attention to stay away from everything for a while. We must take advantage of the time to reflect on what we really want in life. With that we will manage not to suffer so many frustrations.

See yellow apples in a greengrocer or supermarket

This dream means that we have dreams that seem unattainable, but with the help of the right person we will achieve them. If the yellow apples in the supermarket are very large, it augurs great changes in our lives. If in the dream we see that we stole them from the grocery store, it predicts that we will feel attracted to another person who is not our partner.

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