Dream about yellow bananas

It is uncommon to dream of yellow bananas, but when this happens, it opens up a range of doubts about the meaning of the dream. This dream can present itself in many different ways, such as rotten yellow bananas, that we see them on the table, that we eat them, that we buy them, among others.

Generally when we see that there are yellow bananas in the dream, it denotes happiness, sensuality, fertility, passion and a lot of love. They are usually dreams of positive premonitions. Although dreams can also occur where their interpretation will affect us negatively in our lives.

Dream about yellow bananas

Seeing a yellow banana shows that we will have to talk to a person who is not to our liking. Peeling off the peel of the yellow banana predicts differences between the couple or the family that will be resolved quickly. A bunch of yellow bananas means that good opportunities will come soon that we should not miss.

Having bananas in our house means that we will receive an unexpected gift. If everything around us is grey, but the bananas are yellow, it is very positive. It announces strength and a lot of confidence to get ahead. Seeing yellow bananas in a basket, predicts the betrayal of a friend. Also this dream means problems that we have and we cannot tell anyone.

If we see yellow bananas on the table, it predicts a time of great happiness and peace. Having bananas on the table, which begin to change color, indicates that we will soon be delighted with the new tasks that will be assigned to us. Stepping on a yellow banana indicates that due to our bad attitude we will lose great business opportunities. We must learn to control our character.

Seeing a sale of yellow bananas indicates that we will do a job that will seem unproductive to us. Although in the end it will give us a lot of economic gain. Buying a yellow banana indicates that we will have good health.

Give yellow banana

If someone gives us yellow bananas, it augurs a lot of health and economic well-being. If a person of the opposite sex gives you a yellow banana, it means that they are attracted to you. When our partner gives us a yellow banana, it predicts pregnancy and a lot of fertility. Giving someone a yellow banana shows that we start to do better. We must listen to advice.

Dream of yellow bananas that we eat

If we eat yellow bananas in the dream, it predicts that we will live new experiences that will impact us in a positive way. Peeling and eating a yellow banana means that a stage full of opportunities begins.

If we eat yellow banana and we find its taste pleasant, it shows that if we keep repeating the same patterns over and over again, we will not get to where we want to be. If we eat all the yellow bananas there are, it indicates that all the responsibilities will fall on our shoulders. But little by little we will fulfill them.

tree full of bananas

A tree full of yellow bananas shows that we are satisfied with our current partner. We are even going to start making plans for the future. These plans will be very positive. If we lower yellow bananas from the tree, it indicates that we will achieve the goals for which we have been working. If the tree has dry leaves, but the banana is yellow, it portends a fun adventure.

watch them fall

When a yellow banana falls on the floor, it shows that we will have a temporary business. Throwing a yellow banana on the ground on purpose refers to the problems we will have. These problems will be caused by ourselves. We should not blame anyone for our mistakes.

Dream About Rotten Yellow Bananas

Seeing yellow bananas that are rotten represents undesirable business. Also this dream shows the beginning of a difficult stage. If apart from being rotten, the banana is a little green, it shows that we will feel sad and forgotten by the people we love. Seeing a person eat rotten yellow bananas represents something we don’t want to do. But unfortunately we are feeling compelled to do so.

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