What does it mean to dream about your ex having sex

What does it mean to dream of your ex having sex

Perhaps dreaming of your ex having sex is a dream that very few will want to have. Since it would be torture. But actually, this shows something very positive in your attitude. And it is that you are willing to go for a new love or be happy with the current partner you have.

However, in reality this should be a very positive dream, it has a problem. We show you what the problem is and how you can solve it.

You should know that dreaming of your ex-partner having a relationship is often dreamed by people who feel remorse or regret things a lot. Either from the things they didn’t do or from what they did and it didn’t turn out the way they wanted. That is, if you dreamed of this, you are a person who cannot forget things.

This is because you feel a little insecure. Precisely dreaming about your ex is a dream where he talks about that subject. And besides that you can’t make your own decisions.

But in the case of dreaming about your ex partner having sex, it is showing that you can take the next step, but there are some problems or misunderstandings of your old relationship that you must solve. You know that there are things that need to be clarified, but out of pride and fear you don’t take action.

This dream shows you that point as the only problem you have to be happy. Since those points are the ones that have generated things like distrust.

Remember that the possibility of being happy is in your hands. Now we will go with the different contexts of dreaming that you are intimate with your ex-partner.

Dream about my ex boyfriend having sex

Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend having sex, that is, with the person you wanted to be happy for your whole life. In this case, the dream advises you something wiser, since you did not dare to take the biggest step that is to get married.

Specifically, if you dreamed of your ex boyfriend in this, you should completely avoid having contact with that person, at least until you manage to be with a new partner. It will obviously be vitally important to try to clear up any misunderstandings, but don’t give yourself any hope that you’ll be able to go back. Even if you think you can’t solve things, just try to avoid and give yourself a new chance.

Dream about your ex-husband having sex

In the case of dreaming of your ex-husband having sex, you must be very strong and face the problems you have. Since these are more complex problems, such as legal problems.

This is because, regardless of your desire to move forward with a new person or new projects in mind, the things that happened in a marriage will continue to haunt you. So you should not avoid them. The best thing is to face them so that later you feel the relief of being truly free.

Dream that your ex is with someone else

If you dreamed of seeing your ex with someone else, you should be very careful about the following two things.

The first is that surely you have not managed to get over that person. You know that person no longer corresponds to you, but you delude yourself into thinking that there is an opportunity. You must love yourself more because you have the right to be happy again.

The other is something that coincides between people who dream that they have seen this. And it is that in one way or another they wish him harm. With this, something very serious could happen. And it is that your happiness will be the unhappiness of the other person.

Be very careful because if you think that way, you can never be happy for who you are or for what you achieve in your life.

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