What does it mean to dream about your ex kissing

What does it mean to dream of your ex kissing

Dreaming of your ex kissing is showing you that you are a person who clings too much to things from the past. This has stagnated you, so that you cannot take the next step in life. But you can solve this and we will give you the best options for you to achieve it.

Obviously when you dream of your ex kissing you, it is related to your partner that you had. That is, you can’t forget and you think you have some hope. But the truth is that there is no such thing as the better half, the red thread or the like. Even having life, you can meet many people and find the “love of your life” again.

This is dreamed by people who cannot leave the past in its place. And you are surely like that.

The main factor is insecurity. The dream with an ex-partner , where you are only seeing that person, reflects that point very well and may interest you. Also, dreaming that your ex returns with you has a context similar to the one in this article.

But, when it comes to dreaming about your ex boyfriend kissing you, it shows that you do not dare to try new things in your life because you are afraid of failure. And you care too much what they say about you.

For this, you should seek to get away from friends and start something new or an activity that you always wanted. If you’re not an extrovert, you can start with things you can do from home. But try different things. This way you will realize that you are different from others and that you can do new things in your life.

You may be interested in dreaming about your ex having sex , which has a similar context but has a different interpretation. Now we go with the variants of the dream.

Dream that your ex kisses and hugs you

Dreaming that your ex is kissing and hugging you is a clear sign that you are still missing that person. And in the event that it is not, this means that you need someone in your life because you feel vulnerable being alone.

Actually, it is not wrong to think that way, but only if you are not becoming a dependent person.

Do not forget that you can value yourself and when the time is right, the right person will appear.

Dream that your ex kisses you passionately

If you dream that you kiss passionately with your ex, this means that you are needing more surprises or emotions in your life.

It is likely that you are bored and dissatisfied with the life you have today. Perhaps submerged in the routine and unable to get out of it.

However, this can change, but with your own effort. Soon you will have important opportunities, so do not waste it.

Dreaming of your ex-husband kissing you

In the case of dreaming about your ex-husband kissing you, it shows your desperation because you think you don’t have time or that life is passing you by.

Thinking this way is natural, but you should know that you still have a long way to go and people to meet. You have the dream to know that in reality you can resume your life but it will depend on you.

It is preferable that you take some time just for yourself and realize how wonderful your future can be.

dreaming of my ex boyfriend kissing us

Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend kissing you is showing that you doubt your own ability to get ahead. That is, insecurity invades you and you believe that you cannot achieve important things in your life.

However, the reality is that you are a person capable of anything and shutting up anyone’s mouth. You just lack some confidence and being able to take that necessary step.

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