We are going to discover the meaning of dreaming about your mother, what it means when you dream about your mother, what meaning is hidden behind this type of dream. We are going to immerse ourselves fully in the interpretation and meaning of dreaming about your mother.

dream with your mother

Dreaming of your mother, the mother or the mother is related to tenderness, protection, love, refuge, security or longing. But it can also be a reflection of oppression, the overwhelm of circumstances, even painful feelings that we have inside.

It may be that the dream with your mother is related to some unresolved issue, with  feelings, the need for affection, affection or in many other cases the dream with your mother can be a warning against danger, a risk or advice. necessary for you that comes to you through sleep. In short, dreaming of a mother is an important omen or omen.

As you already know, the nuances, objects, sensations or elements that are reproduced during the dream will be decisive in the search for the most accurate meaning, for this reason we are going to navigate through the most outstanding dreams with a mother.

Dreaming of your dead mother if she is alive today

If you dream of your dead mother but currently she is alive, it means that you have a deep need to solve some problem , issue or conflict without her intervention. It may be an issue your mother is directly or indirectly involved in, but you want to keep her out of it. At the same time, this dream may be reflecting your desire to free yourself from an emotional, family or personal burden that weighs you down or causes you unhappiness.

If you dream that your mother resurrects in the dream after death, it means that you are afraid of the difficulties to solve that situation or you are even afraid to make decisions because of the consequences they may have or fear of failure.

If you dream that you see your mother in a coffin, it means that soon you will be able to solve or end the situation that worries or anguishes you. This dream is related to liberation from the yoke that oppresses you.

If you dream that you are on your knees crying sadly in front of your mother’s coffin, it is a harbinger of bad news, sorrows or some unforeseen event that complicates things.

If in the dream your dead mother speaks to you or you hear her voice, it is important that you remember those words or the most important ones since the meaning will be completely related to it. In many cases, those words are the advice you need to hear, a warning to exercise caution, or simply the voice of your conscience telling you something important.

Dreaming of your dead mother if she is dead in real life

When you dream of your dead mother if she is deceased in your current life, it also means that there are memories, feelings or experiences that are still very much alive within you and that are somehow affecting your current life . You may not have turned the page on a situation you experienced, you may feel like a failure in some way, you may remember your mother and not have been able to get over her loss, or you may feel guilty for not having done something for her in life.

If you see your mother in a coffin , it means that you must close a cycle, that you must finish a stage, it is probably up to you to take the first steps for it.

If your mother speaks to you or you hear her voice really hear her voice, that voice or those words come from your conscience, it is your inner voice that tries to confront you with a specific situation.

Dreaming of your mother alive if she is currently dead

If you dream that your mother is alive, when she is currently deceased, it means that you have not been able to close the wounds of her loss. , that you long for her company, her love, being with her… You may feel that you have not told her everything you should, that you have failed to show her more affection or do something for her

Dream that he speaks to you or hear his voice is very revealing considering that she is currently deceased. Her words can contain a powerful meaning, whether warning, advice or portent about events that are going to happen in your life. Therefore, remembering those words or the conversation will give you the clues to that meaning.

dream of your mother crying

If you dream that you see your mother crying or sad, it means that there are family issues or directly related to your mother that need to be talked about, faced or forgiven. There is some aspect in relation to the family or your mother that does not finish working, to be resolved or causes you concern and uneasiness.

If in the dream you comfort your mother and try to calm her down, it means that the solution is not in your hands, that you must let time put everything in its place and disassociate yourself. yourself in a certain way from this matter.

Dream of your happy mother, laughing

Dreaming that your mother is laughing or happy is a fantastic prognosis of good fortune, luck and happiness. If you have issues or problems that are currently worrying you, it means that they will be resolved or you will receive good news about them. It could also be the omen of an unforeseen and fortuitous stroke of luck.

Dream that your mother hugs you

Dreaming of your mother’s hug is the representation of the need you have to feel protected or protected, safe from what you see yourself threatened or threatened by. This dream shows your vulnerability to the events that surround you , perhaps you should assess the possibility of asking for help, letting off steam with someone or seeking understanding and shelter in your closest environment.

dream that your mother kisses you

Receiving a kiss from your mother in the dream is a very good omen of hope and peace. This dream transmits calm to you in the face of the circumstances that surround you and encourages you to continue fighting , seeking or defending what you want or need, since you will soon achieve it.

If it’s you who kisses your mother, it means that you will experience very beautiful, serene and authentic relationships with others.

Dream that your mother gives you something

If you dream that your mother gives you something, an object or any article, element… it means that you are going to receive important help in a key situation for your future, be it a favorable resolution, a significant opportunity, the appearance of someone in your life. May it be the key that opens doors or helps you.

In one way or another, the meaning of this dream will be very defined by the object or element that your mother gives you, therefore the meaning of this dream you have to add that of the object or element that she gives you in the dream.

dream of your sick mother

By having this dream, you are manifesting your vulnerability in the face of certain extreme, complicated or difficult situations. You are probably going through a difficult phase where your mother may or may not play a leading role, but you feel bad, to the limit you believe that you will not be able to overcome it or you feel a significant fear in the face of that circumstance.

If you dream that you take care of your sick mother, it means that you are making an important effort to get out of that situation or to solve what worries you.If your mother is cured and recovers from the disease and you see that she is feeling better, it is a wonderful omen for you, since a happy time is coming or the arrival of good news.

If in the dream your mother dies because of the disease, it is a harbinger of misfortune, bad news or the unleashing of the consequences of what you are experiencing.

Dream that your mother is older

If in the dream you see your mother older than she is today, it means that you feel very afraid of losing her or losing something or someone valuable to you . In this dream you could be reflecting the concern caused by feeling alone or alone in life, in the face of problems or certain situations.

Dream that your mother is younger

When you dream that your mother appears in the dream younger than she really is, it means that you feel a lot of nostalgia for the past , for specific moments, for certain experiences or memories. It is likely that you have the need to recover something that has already happened or that has left your life. On the other hand, this dream is a manifestation of your inner sadness.

Dream that your mother has an accident

This dream reflects your concern about some aspect, situation or issue that is closely related to your mother. You may be worried about her health, that you feel guilty about something you have said or done, that you have some uneasiness about pending issues in which your mother has a more or less important role…

If it is an accident in which your mother is uninjured, it means that your worries are unfounded or that there is no reason for you to worry in this way.

If your mother is injured in the accident but does not die, it means that you will have to face certain consequences of that situation that will arise but that with time and patience will end up being overcome.

If, on the other hand, your mother dies in the accident or because of it, it is the omen of the end of the cycle of a breakup, separation from something or someone in your life.

Dream that your mother speaks to you

Dreaming that your mother speaks to you in this dream can be very revealing. If we correctly interpret the words that your mother addresses to you and even those that you address to her.

If your mother speaks to you with affection, tenderness means that you must act that way with your peers or in the decisions or acts that you must carry out.

If your mother gives you advice, warns you about a situation, you will have to be prudent in the circumstances that surround you and take firm but safe steps.

On the other hand, if he tells you things you don’t understand or words out of order, it means that you are going through or are about to go through a difficult situation in which you probably feel lost or lost. Also in this case and depending on other aspects of the dream, it could be the lack of understanding that you have with your own mother in your current life or with someone close to you.

If your mother says your name out loud, that is, she calls you by your name or nickname, it is the omen of important changes in your life, but these changes need to be well managed or faced by you so that you can get the most out of them. .

Dream that you argue with your mother

If you dream that you are arguing with your mother, it means that you are probably making the wrong, inappropriate, impulsive or decisions based on hate, resentment or spite. Therefore, it is a warning so that you can reflect on your most immediate actions, decisions or feelings.

If in the discussion your mother tries to repress you, scolds you or yells at you, it means that you feel subjugated or subjected to the circumstances or to someone. You may not be able to react or reveal yourself out of fear, to avoid conflict, or out of insecurity.

If it is you who yells at your mother or scolds her, it means that there are unresolved emotional, painful, or repressed feelings about your mother.

If other people are involved in the discussion, you will have to take a good look at who those people are.

If they are known, from your family, social or work environment since they will be directly or indirectly related to the situation.

If, on the other hand, unknown people appear in the dream, it means that there will be external factors that arise and will vary in the current scenario.

Dream that your mother attacks you

If you dream that your mother hits you or assaults you, it means that you have mixed feelings with her. You may feel that she has not treated you well, that she has not loved you or that there is a physical or emotional distance with her.

If in the dream he tries to attack you but he does not succeed or does not attack you, it means that he must solve, face or settle some important and necessary issue in which your mother has a direct link.

If it is you who assaults your mother, it means that you have grudges, feelings of pain or hatred towards her for some past experience or experience.

Dream that you travel with your mother

If you dream that you are traveling with your mother, it means that changes are going to take place in your life soon , that you are going to experience some kind of necessary and important transformation for yourself and those around you.

If you feel happy and calm or calm during the trip, it means that the changes that are going to be made are related to matters that you can look forward to.

If, on the other hand, you feel uneasy or restless during the trip, it means that the changes or transformations that are going to originate could take you by surprise or could cause you some concern.

It is important that you also analyze the meaning of the medium through which this journey occurs and that other important aspects can be reflected in the dream.

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