Dream Architecture

Dream Architecture:

Dreams related to dream architecture and construction of buildings may suggest the need to have our own home, however, in most cases these dreams symbolize our desire to bring to fruition the projects we have in mind.

If in the dream we see ancient architecture, it is necessary to understand that at an unconscious level there is nostalgia for some situations from the past, it also shows us as romantic pore people.

In the case of modern architecture, the dream symbolizes dynamism and our ability to work actively.

Dreaming of architectural buildings in ruins warns of ruptures in relationships and adversities in the workplace.

To dream of a sacred architectural figure , as is the case of a church , it is necessary to analyze the development of the dream, since the elements exposed there in most cases are linked to the human mind and the attitudes that must be changed.

Usually the dreams where we see any kind of designer refer to our creative capacity not yet developed.

To dream that we are architects and we are working on the planning of a building suggests that in a short time the adequate opportunities will present themselves to solve some complicated situations that have worried us for some time.

Dreaming of a meeting of architects and being one of them probably indicates that a difficult situation will arise, which is getting out of hand , and we will need the help of someone unknown to be able to solve it.

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