Dream Meaning Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling or an emotion of restlessness and alert for different situations, anxiety is mainly caused by aspects such as stress, uncertainty, and lack of confidence in oneself. An anxious person generally has a nervous, impatient, restless, insecure, and upset demeanor. It is important to control anxiety, otherwise it could affect the health of those who suffer from it.

As a positive aspect, dreaming anxious implies the opposite, in general when dreaming with anxiety, and not being anxious, it indicates the approach of a period of peace and tranquility. It will be necessary to overcome your own fears and in turn overcome them. When in the dream anxiety is produced by real situations that are about to happen, it is an indication that they will be completed and will come out in the best way, therefore the subconscious invites us to believe and have faith in ourselves.

Usually dreams where anxiety appears tend to turn into nightmaresand its meaning can be affected depending on the characteristics that the dream shows. As a negative aspect, dreaming that another person is the one who is anxious, symbolizes the aggressiveness and resentment that the dreamer has had with certain types of people or problems, it is important to analyze one’s own feelings and emotions, as this could be the cause of this dream repeats itself constantly. To dream that another person is the one who causes anxiety in the dreamer, usually indicates that he should put himself on alert and be more aware of situations that surround him since they could harm him. Dreaming too anxious, even if in real life being anxious is a common behavior, symbolizes the proximity of diseasesIt depends on the degree of anxiety shown in the dream and on other symbols within it to determine the type of illness .

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