Dream Meaning of Ambition

If in the dream the ambition is so great that it dominates until you suffer, in a strong warning that current plans must be modified , because if you do not do so you can end up in ruin .

These types of dreams are, in many cases, difficult to typify since it is an emotion or a behavior and in many cases it can be a complete story in the dream which is the key to determining what it was really about.

Generally, an honest and sensible ambition experienced during the dream either by the dreamer himself or by some other character in the dream tends to be a good omen especially when it comes to the results of an investment or a company and generally heralds success. .

An exacerbated ambition or even greed is on the other hand, never a good omen and almost always heralds the arrival of disappointments, obstacles and setbacks that can hardly be overcome.

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