Dream Meaning of Breastfeeding

This dream usually announces that you will soon enjoy great happiness, and that every effort must be made to preserve this happiness because if you do not do so, it is very likely that you will never possess it again.

In general, in dreams, breastfeeding a baby or contemplating someone else doing it, is always a sign of good times and an omen of prosperity, especially in relation to material goods.

For a young woman, dreaming that she is breastfeeding may be a sign of a possible pregnancy .

For a young man, dreaming of female breasts usually has obvious sexual implications, however, it is necessary to consider all the details of the dream to obtain the most appropriate meaning, female breasts also represent tenderness, love , and other emotional issues.

Breastfeeding is a symbol of giving and receiving, of care and sustenance, it represents maternal love as well as physical and emotional support and general well-being.

This dream is a symbol of protection, emotional security and serenity. It also reflects love for the mother , and the need for her protection.

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