Dream Meaning of Sheriff

Dreaming that you see a bailiff can be an indicator of cheating , stalking, accusations and intrigues by false friends .

The figures of authority such as sheriffs, police or other similar types of officers enforce the rules of life. Dreaming about an authority figure of this type can indicate the fear of failing in the performance of obligations and commitments , it can also be a warning about dangerous and reckless behaviors.

In these cases, the dreamer should consider if he is violating the rules, crossing the borders into forbidden territory, creating a disorder in his mind, it is usually a call to live in accordance with universal laws .

These types of figures also tend to symbolize people of a higher hierarchy who may be giving or denying support to the dreamer. Figures such as teachers or school principals , supervisors or bosses , police officers , mayors , and the like may be trying to say something about the dreamer’s attitude towards the world around him. In general, this symbol should not be taken as a sign of guilt but rather as a desire for greater security.

Dreaming that you see a bailiff, in general, foretells that you will suffer great anxiety about unexpected changes that may occur.

To dream that you are appointed bailiff, or that you are looking for a similar appointment, usually indicates that you are going to participate in some matter that will not produce benefits or honor.

To dream that you are arrested for a crime of which you are innocent, is usually an omen that a rivalry will be successfully overcome, if in the dream, you escape arrest , it is an indication that you will participate in some illicit matter or increase the commitment in some matter of this type.

To dream that you are justly arrested is the harbinger of a season of unfortunate incidents.

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