Dream of a brown coffin

Dreaming of a brown coffin represents the culmination of affairs, and marks the beginning of a new stage in life. We will make a big change and we will set new goals.

A brown coffin in our dream also shows us that we should not be afraid of changes. We have to live every moment of our life, seeing the positive side at every moment.

Dream of a brown coffin

Seeing a closed brown coffin indicates that we are tired, and we are looking forward to having time for ourselves, where we can relax and have peace. If we see a brown coffin that is empty, it augurs good health and a long life. Seeing a living person inside a brown coffin predicts financial problems and shortages. If it has a man alive inside it, it shows that our impulsive acts will damage our reputation, and then no one will trust us.

When a brown coffin has dirt on it, it portends bad times to come. It also indicates that we are having memories of difficult times in the past. We have to learn to overcome and accept everything that happened. If we see that the coffin shines a lot, it indicates that we will have a long and very happy life. To dream that we buy a brown coffin signals that we will have large unexpected expenses.

Meaning of dreaming of a brown coffin with the deceased inside

Seeing the deceased inside the brown coffin indicates that we must wait a while to start new businesses or projects. Right now is not the best time for new changes. If the deceased is a young person, it indicates that the painful memories are very much alive in our minds and we have not overcome them.

If the brown coffin is broken

Contrary to what we can imagine, this dream indicates that problems will soon begin to be solved and new opportunities will come into our life. If the broken brown coffin is in our house, it indicates that many problems will start in the family and generate great discussions.

See that we are inside one

If we are alive inside a brown coffin, it is very positive. He predicts that our plans will culminate successfully. We will start new projects charged with energy. If we sit inside a brown coffin, it portends fights and arguments, then we will feel guilt for our actions.

Dreaming of a brown coffin full of flowers

Seeing a brown coffin in a church or cemetery full of flowers predicts a failed marriage. Also this dream shows failed business and loss of money. To witness a funeral procession where the brown coffin has many flowers on top, indicates that a bad decision will cause many problems in our family.

Make a well to place the coffin

It indicates that we will meet someone with whom, despite the differences, we will have a good relationship. If we place the brown coffin inside the well that we dig, this dream means that we will have health problems. When we dream that we place the brown coffin inside the well that we dig and give it a Christian burial, it foretells an imminent relief in our life.

See us carry the brown coffin

If we carry it on our shoulders, it indicates that we will have a very long life and in good health. Carrying a brown coffin where we carry a person we know inside augurs very important news, which we have waited for a long time. Seeing that other people carry a brown coffin indicates that we will live very sad circumstances, or we will receive bad news.

Dreaming of a brown coffin that we build

This dream means that a loved one will go to live far away. But if someone else builds a brown coffin, it indicates that because of a third party, our relationship will end. If someone builds a brown coffin and then gives it to us, it indicates that all problems will fall on us.

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