Dream of a clean river

Dreaming of a clean river shows that we need to face the circumstances that we were trying to avoid. We have to trust that everything will go in our favor and get that weight off of us.

A clean river in the dream symbolizes peace, tranquility, new job opportunities, new horizons and good health.

Dream of a clean river

It predicts that we are about to enter a stage where there will be much joy and many new opportunities will arise, which will be very positive for our lives. It also portends that our family life will be as we always dreamed of it, times will come where peace will reign and abundance will come. If the river shines from how clean it is, it indicates that we will live moments where we will be fully happy with our family.

See in the dream a small clean river

If its waters are clean, clear and run quickly, it indicates that we will find a hobby that will make us have a lot of fun. Swimming in it predicts that we will have large economic gains.

Meaning of dreaming of a clean and calm river

It augurs a lot of tranquility in our life. We will overcome the problems that held us back and did not let us move forward with our goals. If the river that is clean and calm is very big, it shows us that we will have economic independence. That will make us feel very fulfilled as people, since we will feel freedom. If we are at the mouth, it indicates that we are about to enter a new stage in our lives. In this new stage, positive things, calm and happiness will reign.

drink water from the river

Drinking clean river water augurs that we will achieve a high position in society. It is a matter of continuing to work and making an effort.

Dream of a clean and mighty river

It predicts that we will be involved in problems, however, being clean, it indicates that we will solve them quickly.

See him who is calm in sleep

It shows us that we will receive good news and our well-being will improve a lot. This dream also indicates that problems will end and we will begin to travel through times of great peace and tranquility. If we see it so calm that its waters hardly move, it predicts that the bonanzas will be much more than we expect.

See we walked into a clean river

It shows that we will reconcile with our family. If when we enter we start to float, it indicates that we will let ourselves be carried away by our intuition.

Throw garbage into the river

This shows that the time has come to turn our lives around. Take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to us and choose the one that makes us take that big turn to rebuild our lives.

When a clean river has stones

And we hear the noise of the water against the stones, it indicates that although we are afraid of problems, we have nothing to fear. These problems are not as big as we think. We must seek support in the family and we will be able to cope with them with serenity and peace.

A clean river in a forest

It shows that we will take some time to be relaxed and think about our future, and that of our family. In that time we will come up with new projects that will be a success. If we fall into the river, it shows that we have many things that we must reflect on if we want everything to go successfully.

Dream of a clean river in a desert

He points out that we will have a life where we will go unnoticed, since we will choose loneliness and isolation. We will not feel the need to interact with other people.

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