Dream of a mighty river

Most of the time, dreaming of a mighty river shows that people are going through difficult times in their life, where they have to overcome many obstacles and learn to live with the circumstances they are going through.

Also the mighty rivers in dreams portend changes, problems, change of job, new objectives and fights, but the flow of the river always shows us how difficult the path that awaits us will be.

Dream of a mighty river

Crossing a mighty river without any problem means that despite the obstacles that stand in our way, we will achieve our dreams. Another meaning for this dream is that great changes await us, which will all be positive for us and our family. Trying to cross a mighty river and not being able to do so due to the force of the water indicates that our projects will have to wait a while. Listening to the sound of water indicates that someone will promise us something that they will not fulfill later. Drinking water from a mighty river shows that we are the only ones responsible for our happiness.

Meaning of dreaming with a rushing river

Observing the waters of a fast-flowing river shows that we have to trust fate. The problems that overwhelm us now, in a short time will be no more, and those problems will turn in our favor. If the rushing river in the dream has many stones, it means that obstacles will appear that we will have to overcome. Seeing someone bathe in a fast-flowing river predicts that a relative will go to live far away.

Fall into the waters of a mighty river

If we fall into a mighty river, with very turbulent waters, it indicates that due to our bad mood, we will form big fights with people who esteem us very much. We must learn to manage our temper.

Dream of a mighty river that overflows

It portends problems at work. It may be that we lose our job, our salary is lowered or we have less earnings. If the waters of the mighty overflowing river reach where we are, it indicates that there will be many discussions within the home.

If the waters of the river take us

It predicts bad news to come. But if the waters carry us and we are having fun, then we will receive good news. If we are dragged by the waters to the mouth of the river, it indicates that we are going to let ourselves be carried away by intuition in business.

Meaning of dreaming of a mighty river that dries up

If we see a dry river that used to be very mighty, it indicates that we will begin to live new experiences. If it dries up in front of us, it portends health problems that will take us a long time to overcome.

If you have cloudy or dirty water

If we see that the flow of the river is strong and its waters are cloudy or dirty, it means that problems and suffering are approaching our home. Getting into a mighty river with murky waters predicts economic losses.

See someone drown in the river

When someone is now in the mighty river, it indicates that we will be involved in problems generated by ourselves. No friend will help us get out of them and in those moments we will discover who we can really count on. If we are the ones who drown in a raging river, he points out that our efforts will be in vain.

Dreaming of a mighty river with clean or transparent waters

If its waters are so clear that we can see the bottom of the river, it shows that we will find a hobby that will help us relax and feel happier. Wetting our feet in the clean water of a mighty river, augurs success in business, great health and great economic income.

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