Dream of a tame bull

The meaning of dreaming of a meek bull is positive, since it predicts a long life, full of health, happiness and economic well-being.

Also when we dream of a meek bull it represents our way of being, firm, which will help us achieve our goals in life. A meek bull seen in the dream symbolizes hard work to achieve our goals.

Dream of a tame bull

Meeting a bull and feeling scared when seeing it, but then realizing that it is tame, means that if we manage to remain calm and confident in ourselves, we will achieve our goals.

What does it mean to dream of a tame bull that has horns?

This dream represents our power, our strength in the face of things, our courage and our struggle to achieve dreams.

See in the dream a great meek bull

The bigger it is, the greater our power over our enemies. Even if they try to harm us, they will not succeed.

Dream of a small tame bull

This dream indicates that we will lose control over our enemies. We are too weak to face them, and they are gaining ground more and more. We have to regain the strength that we have lost, to be able to face them and end this problem.

many tame bulls

Seeing them all grazing together predicts that we are about to experience a difficult stage, but our firmness and hard work will make us achieve our goals. If we see that the tame bulls look tired, it signals that it is time to take a break to regain strength and move on. Seeing many meek bulls, which are very dirty, walking on a dirt or mud road, augurs a happy marriage. We will choose the right person for us.

See that one follows us

It indicates that someone will start gossiping about us, just because they are envious of our life. As a result of this gossip, fights and a lot of tension will begin, but if we maintain our composure and integrity, we will quickly overcome this stage.

What does it mean to dream of a very fat meek bull?

It points out that all the goals we set for ourselves will be achieved. This dream also augurs health and well-being in the family. If the meek bulls are in a very green field, it predicts economic well-being. A meek and fat bull eating calmly shows that we have the strength and character to be leaders. This will lead us to be very successful in our projects.

If we see that it is locked

Seeing a meek bull locked in a pen indicates that there is a person who is trying to hinder us so that we do not achieve our goals. But maintaining the integrity and confidence in ourselves, we will achieve our goal.

Dreaming of a sick or dead tame bull

It indicates that we are entering a stage of great sadness and bad news. We have to be strong to get through this difficult time as best we can.

See meek bull drinking water in the dream

If the water that the bull is drinking is clean, it predicts that we will meet the person who will be the love of our life. If we already have a partner, it predicts that our relationship will be better every day. But if the water that the bull drinks is dirty, it predicts that we will have many fights with our partner.

Dream in which a meek white bull appears

It augurs us great happiness. These will be times of great joy for us and our family. If we caress it, it indicates that we will enjoy strong energy, we will be full of courage and we will be determined, which will lead us to fulfill dreams.

Meaning of dreaming of a meek bull resting

If we see him resting under a bright sun, it shows that we have great friends and we should take care of them. If a woman dreams that she sees a very tame bull resting, it portends that she will soon be asked to marry her.

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