Dream of a white snake

Always when dreaming of a white snake we are facing a slightly contradictory dream, since on the one hand it represents evil, deception, envy and health, and on the other hand it symbolizes wisdom, healing and our current life.

When we dream of a white snake, it somehow shows the rejection of the old life, and the acceptance of the new. This dream also indicates that we are letting the energy of some people influence our lives.

Dream of a white snake

A white snake near us shows that we will have a very unpleasant conversation with someone from our work. Having a white snake entangled in our feet, predicts difficult times, which we will overcome very calmly. Also this dream means that we will be involved in problems and we will receive help from someone unexpected.

A small white snake shows that a person we trust a lot will be dishonest with us. A dead white snake predicts health problems. Killing a white snake means that we will defeat our enemies.

Meaning of dreaming of a snake or white viper

Finding a white snake or viper hidden means that there is someone who is behind our backs planning a betrayal. If it bites us, it shows that our enemies have found our weak spots.

yellow and white snake

A yellow and white snake in the dream is a clear warning that we will meet new people who will lead us to do dangerous or immoral things. But if the yellow and white snake is our pet, then it indicates that our wisdom will help us get ahead.

If the snake is black and white

Seeing a black and white snake indicates that our enemies will create a lot of uncertainty around us. But their plans will fail and they will not do us the damage they want.

Dream about red and white snake

Red and white snakes in the dream portend dangers and threats to us, caused by foolishness of our enemies.

See what bites you

When we are bitten by a white snake in the dream, it indicates that we must be careful when telling our secrets. Someone could use them against us.

When the white snake has spots

A white snake with spots indicates that we will acquire new knowledge that will lead us to success. Maybe we will take a course or start a career that we have always dreamed of.

Dream of a white snake in bed

Finding a white snake in our bed shows that there is a person who is creating gossip behind our back, to try to destroy our family. A ball of white snakes in our bed alerts us to many fake people who are close to us.

If the snake is in the water

Seeing a white snake in the water indicates that nostalgia will cause us to feel negative emotions. It may be that we feel depressed and very distressed, but we must focus on something positive to get over it faster.

See a large white snake

Seeing a large white snake indicates that there are people who wish us harm. If the big white snake looks calm or friendly, then it foretells that we will find enough strength to recover from problems and feel free.

And if it is poisonous

If the white snake we dream of is poisonous, it means that a person about whom we have many doubts will become a good friend.

bites our leg

This dream is very positive, as it shows recovery from an illness. This dream also indicates that we will have a romantic adventure.

run away from a white snake

If we manage to escape from the white snake, it shows that by withdrawing from society we are closing the door to new business and opportunities. Running away from the snake by running backwards and falling down shows that we feel a lot of resentment about our past.

Dream of a white snake that bites your hand

The fact that the white snake bites our hand in the dream, means that they will pay us a debt that we thought was uncollectible.

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