Dream of a wooden cross

Dreaming of a wooden cross immediately attracts our attention, providing questions and hopes of being healed, that our sins are forgiven or receive someone’s forgiveness.

Generally when we dream of a wooden cross it represents repentance of bad behavior, for which we want to be forgiven.

Dream of a wooden cross

When we see a wooden cross that catches our attention, it predicts that something bad is about to happen. Finding a wooden cross indicates that we must apologize for our bad actions, we need to lean more on the spiritual side to achieve the happiness we are looking for. Kissing a wooden cross means that we will accept the bad that happens to us with great integrity. Seeing that a priest has a wooden cross is a very positive dream, as it shows that we are being protected by our guardian angel.

A broken wooden cross portends many sorrows that are yet to come within the family. If we see a drawing of a wooden cross, it is a wake-up call for us, and if we do not act correctly, the consequences of bad acts will be irreparable. Finding a buried wooden cross predicts that our life will improve, as long as we do not cross the line. Seeing Saint George carrying a wooden cross portends a successful future. Praying while kneeling in front of a wooden cross shows that we are sorry for our mistakes.

Meaning of dreaming with a wooden crucifix

Seeing a wooden crucifix is ​​our unconscious trying to put an end to something or someone. Buying a wooden crucifix indicates that we are trying to find a balance in our life. Praying with a wooden crucifix shows that today’s misfortunes will strengthen us in the future. If someone gives us a wooden crucifix, it indicates that even if they try to harm us, we are very protected by our guardian angel.

What does it mean to dream of a wooden cross in your hands?

It shows that someone will notice our kindness and love, and help us achieve our goals. Seeing that another person carries a wooden cross in their hands warns us that we must be more supportive of others. If we break the wooden cross in our hands, it indicates that we have many sinful desires.

buy a wooden cross

It indicates that we need to pray more in order to protect ourselves from evil. We have many bad people around us who try to destroy our lives. If the wooden cross that we buy shines, it refers to the desire we feel to forgive someone who hurt us a lot, and finally leave him behind. Observing a wooden cross in a shop window or in a store and seeing that we bought it, suggests that we do want success, but to obtain it we must turn to our faith and not lose hope.

See necklace with a cross

If we wear a chain with a wooden cross, it is a good sign, since it indicates that we are sorry for all the bad things we have done. We have returned to feel love for our neighbor.

If we see Jesus on the cross

It suggests that we be prepared, since great trials are approaching, full of torment and uncertainty, which will take us a while to overcome. If the wooden cross where Jesus is is on the dome of a church, it predicts a lot of happiness in the home.

Dream of a wooden cross in the cemetery

It means that we must continue to walk the path of good, even though sometimes we want revenge. If the wooden cross is on the graves in the cemetery, then it indicates that there is someone who is desperately asking us for help and we are not seeing him.

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